Getting Defensive About The Seahawks: 2010 Preview Part 2

I think there’s a lot to dislike about what the Seahawks have going against them on defense out of the gate.  That having been said, I don’t think they’re necessarily going to be BAD.  (Like what I did there … in conjunction with what I wrote earlier … only opposite …)

I Like:

Linebackers.  Who doesn’t?  I think we could be as deep a team in this department as there is in the NFL.  Are they a little banged up and a little suspended?  Sure.  But, the bulk of the defense’s talent is squatting right here.  Lofa’s as smart as they get, the only real natural leader we have on this side of the ball.  Plus, he always seems to be around the action, making things happen.  A big run-stuff here, a tipped pass for a pick there.  He’s like our very own Mike Singletary, only he’s not really blessed with being surrounded by one of the best defenses of all time.  David Hawthorne is a gamer; you can plug him anywhere and he’ll get the job done.  Leroy Hill is still on the team, and he’s still a fierce hitter (or so I’m told).  And, in spite of his flaws and many growing pains, I can’t help but like Aaron Curry.  He’s like a big, dumb, lovable dog always chasing his own tail and such.  Does he, every once in a while, sneak out of the back yard and dig up Ol’ Miss Dottery’s flower bed?  Yes he does, and yes you have to scold him for it.  But secretly, you’re pleased, because Miss Dottery sucks.  That’s like every personal foul penalty he’s ever generated for unnecessary roughness.  These linebackers are plenty heralded, and deservedly so, because they’ll be the main reason we ever keep a game close.

OR … injuries will mount, Lofa will miss extended time again, and we’ll be left with lopsided defeats against significantly better offenses.

Marcus Trufant.  He’s still my boy, and he’s still going to be facing the other team’s best receiver.  With his injuries from last season behind him, he should be well on his way to that Pro Bowler we saw in 2008.

OR … he’ll be left on an island too many times what with all the constant blitzing we have to do to generate even an iota of pressure, resulting in long-bomb touchdowns that aren’t really his fault, but still.

Earl Thomas.  Playmaker.  Defensive ROY?  I like his chances.

OR … it takes all season for him to get acclimated to the speed of the NFL, he has trouble reading coverages and not falling for a pump fake, and a nagging case of turf toe slows him down and renders his big-play ability moot.

I Don’t Like:

The Defensive Line.  It was a liability last year and we did nothing to rectify that outside of changing schemes and adding a third defensive tackle spot in lieu of a proper end on that side.  It may make for an improved rush defense (which wasn’t all that terrible last year), but it’s going to be Tiananmen Square for our ability to get pressure on the quarterback.  I’m not just saying sacks (of which the only ones we’ll get will be Coverage Sacks, few and far between), but hurries, batted balls at the line, and plain ol’ quarterback hits.  The things that rattle a quarterback into bad decisions.  These are, arguably, more important than sacks themselves, as they’re the best ways to generate turnovers.  Even below-average quarterbacks, if given a day and a half to find an open receiver, will look like Joe Montana.

The Defensive Line.  I can’t stress this enough.  Good GOD will we be bad.

Kelly Jennings.  Has he, like, EVER had an interception from plain ol’ one-on-one coverage?  He’d be my number one pick if I were drafting a football team comprised of Smurfs.  But PEOPLE?  Wow.

The Defensive Line.  When we’re drafting in the Top 5 again next year, guess which position I think we should go with …

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