Getting Offensive With The Seahawks: 2010 Preview Part 1

I think there’s a lot to like about what the Seahawks have going for them on offense out of the gate.  That having been said, I don’t think they’re necessarily going to be GOOD.

I Like:

Matt Hasselbeck, obviously.  If the only knock on someone is that he’s been injured a lot the last two years, then that’s fine by me.  Did he run into some turnover problems late last year?  Oh yeah, but I’d be the last guy to blame Hasselbeck for trying to do too much.  Let’s face it, he was being protected by a tissue paper line, he couldn’t count on a running game to lighten his load, and he CERTAINLY didn’t have anything resembling a Number 1 receiver.  I don’t care what anyone says, Matt is sound.  He’s the rock, the glue, the head AND the motherfucking shoulders.  He’s not Jake Delhomme.  He’s not Matt Leinart.  He’s a Pro Bowl-calibre quarterback who, with the right talent, can be one of the 10 best quarterbacks in this league.

OR … he’s getting too old, on the downslide of his career, and this year will be his nail in the coffin.

Justin Forsett.  He’s our little Barry Sanders, and dammit this year he’s going to make the leap!

OR … he won’t get the blocking, will average 3.3 yards per carry, and won’t get significant touches in favor of the two veterans below him.

Mike Williams.  He’s not a Number 1, but he’s tall, he’s strong, he’s fast … the only reason he’s NOT a Number 1 is because he doesn’t have any success to speak of outside of college.  So, you’re sayin’ there’s a chance … YEAH!

OR … his poor route running will cause Hasselbeck to lose confidence in him, his tendency to try to do too much will cause him to have a case of the dropsies, and he’ll end up being more of a burden than a help deep down field.

Russell Okung.  It was about time we shored up that left tackle position for the future.  This guy could be a great for a long time.

OR … he’ll be hampered with injuries all year, gain a bunch of weight, come into camp next year out of shape, and be an organizationally-crippling offensive line bust that you hate to see more than anything.

I Don’t Like:

The Offensive Line.  I think they’ll be better than last year, but that’s not saying much because last year’s line was probably the worst I’ve ever seen ever.  I also think they’re better mainly because they’re different.  2/5 different, anyway, with a high probability of being 3/5 if we can ditch Locklear (preferably in a ditch somewhere).  The offense doesn’t move if the offensive line doesn’t move, and I can’t be confident in their ability knowing what I know (which is essentially nothing).  Will the rookie play significantly?  If so, will he be effective?  I have to hope so, but he’s only one guy (one guy who was injured thanks to the deficient play of the guy next to him).

The Running Game.  For as much as I like Forsett, that’s how much I dislike Jones.  I just have a feeling, in Pete Carroll’s fervor to have a 3-headed monster, that good opportunities for Forsett will be given away at inopportune times to Jones.  And, while I think Leon Washington is all right … I don’t know.  What does he give you that Forsett doesn’t?  Better hands for catching balls MAYBE, but I don’t think he’s as fast, and I don’t think he has that shiftiness to break away from tacklers in the open field.

The Receiving Game.  Let’s face it, I only had confidence in one guy – if my life was on the line – to catch a ball in a pressure situation, and he’s now playing for the Baltimore Ravens.  Branch is iffy, and is always getting hurt.  Williams is an unknown entity who I think COULD be good, but could just as easily crumble under the pressure of making his comeback complete in regular season action.  Butler is in his 2nd year and didn’t really get a chance to do all that much in his rookie season.  Tate IS a rookie, and I’ll never trust a rookie receiver.  Which, I guess leaves Obomanu, who I think far and away has the best hands on the team now.  I hope he gets to see some action in the slot, because I really do think he can be the next Bobby Engram.

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