Getting Special With The Seahawks: 2010 Preview Part 3

Good lord, I’m keeping this one SHORT.

I Like:

The Kicking Game.  Mare went on quite the field goal tear last year.  Plus, he’s tops with touchbacks.

OR … he won’t be so good.  Because who in the almighty fuck can predict when a kicker is going to fall off the map?

The Punting Game.  We’ve had a lot of practice.

OR … our offensive line problem will overflow onto our punting unit, causing kick after kick to be blocked and getting Jon Ryan injured in the process.

I Don’t Like:

The Return Game.  For some reason, Nate Burleson had a real knack for returning punts.  I don’t see the same thing happening with Forsett.  While being shifty is good for a running back, it only reduces the amount of return yardage you’re able to get as you’re jumping back and forth trying to elude tacklers.  Let’s hope a receiver distinguishes himself here (I’m looking at you, Golden Tate and/or Earl Thomas).  Also, Leon Washington … ehh.

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