YOUR 6-10 Seattle Seahawks

All right!  Enough with the preview/prediction schtick!  OK, one more.

The following is the 2010 Seahawks schedule, and exactly what’s going to happen.  Make your bets now, muchachos.

Week 1 – vs. San Francisco, 1:15pm start.  The 49ers jump out early, taking a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, but Seattle bounces back with 10 in the second to make it close at halftime.  Teams exchange field goals in the third, then early in the fourth the Seahawks drive to tie the game!  Punts ensue, the 49ers have the ball last with 2:23 left and make easy work of the defense.  Final score:  20-17

Week 2 – @ Denver, 1:05pm start.  Hoping to bounce back against a potentially inferior opponent, the Seahawks are unable to touch Kyle Orton as he intermediate-routes us to death.  Tim Tebow gets an annoying goalline touchdown early, but this one is a laugher going into halftime, down 21-3.  The Broncos tack on another touchdown in the 3rd before Seattle puts one up of their own, but that’s all they’d get.  Denver adds a field goal with 5 minutes remaining for the 31-10 final.

Week 3 – vs. San Diego, 1:15pm start.  This game starts out fast and furious as both offenses come to play (while both defenses hit their snooze buttons).  It’s 14-14 early in the 2nd quarter with zero punts.  Seattle stops San Diego in the red zone to hold them to a field goal, then before halftime take an improbable 21-17 lead.  The Seahawks add a field goal before San Diego rips off 17 unanswered points due to sloppy play with the Seahawks fumbling twice and Hasselbeck getting picked once.  Final score:  34-24.

Week 4 – @ St. Louis, 10:00am start.  Here, finally, some pressure!  Sam Bradford is harassed into multiple turnovers this game, and Seattle is able to keep Steven Jackson under 100 yards rushing (though he does get 77 yards receiving on 7 catches).  The offense also finds its running game in a rare 100 yard performance out of Justin Forsett.  Final:  33-17.

Week 5 – BYE

Week 6 – @ Chicago, 10:00am start.  Sloppy game all around, as a freak thunderstorm rampages through the midwest.  Game is tied 3-3 at half.  Early in the third, a lineman rolls under Hasselbeck, who’s forced to leave for the rest of the series, which lasts only two more plays as Whitehurst comes in and throws an ill-advised out route that gets jumped for the pick-six.  Chicago tacks on a field goal in the fourth quarter, then Seattle, with Hasselbeck leading the way on bum wheel, drives down to inside the Chicago 10.  On 4th down, Carroll makes the questionable decision to go for it, and the pass is picked off in the endzone.  Final:  13-3.

Week 7 – vs. Arizona, 1:15pm start.  Bad news for Matt, as he’s got a sprained ankle and will miss at least the next two weeks.  Charlie Whitehurst makes his first ever start in the NFL against what turns out to be a pretty terrible Cardinals defense.  Unfortunately, the Anderson to Fitzgerald connection grows stronger by the week.  Also unfortunately, while Seattle’s able to drive up and down the field, they’re only able to get one touchdown through three quarters as we head into the fourth down 28-16.  Carroll decides to try out the hurry-up offense with 12 minutes to go in the ballgame, which ends up working until we get into the red zone and then … pick six.  Final score:  35-16.

Week 8 – @ Oakland, 1:15pm start.  This game ends up being a defensive battle throughout.  They’ve opted to scale back the offense for Charlie and he’s able to do all right, but Seattle’s down 7-6 at half.  However, a long bomb to Mike Williams leads to a Seahawks touchdown, and Leon Washington takes the ball on an end-around for the 2-point conversion.  A Raiders turnover leads to a Seahawks field goal and that’s how it ends, 17-7.

Week 9 – vs. New York, 1:05pm start.  Eli and company come into Qwest and storm through our defense.  Hasselbeck’s injury isn’t quite ready to let him practice, so he’s held out another week.  And for this, Charlie pays dearly.  He’s hammered from the get-go, losing two fumbles on blind-side sacks, and throwing an ill-advised pass into heavy coverage while on the run.  The Seahawks are down 28-0 at half and go on to lose 42-10.

Week 10 – @ Arizona, 1:15pm start.  Clinging to a 2-6 record, Matt Hasselbeck makes his return to the football field this week, not an iota too soon.  Though the Seahawks are entrenched in 3rd place, they’re only 2 games back of Arizona and 3 back of the 49ers.  This week is a must-win in every sense.  And that sense of urgency is shown early as the Seahawks start strong on the road vs. a quality opponent; something they’ve done very rarely in the last decade.  Seattle leads 33-20 with five minutes to go, looking to sit on a lead and take and improbable win.  Matt hands off to Jones for a dive up the middle, and a safety comes in from the side, spears the ball with his helmet, and the Cardinals recover!  Anderson throws deep to Fitzgerald (who is, for some reason, covered by Kelly Jennings) to get the Cardinals to the 1 yard line, where they punch it in on the very next play.  With only 1 time out, and a little under four minutes remaining, the Cardinals decide to kick it deep.  The Seahawks go 3 and out with two runs and an incomplete pass to give the ball right back.  Arizona drives down and scores with 12 seconds left on 4th down to rip the hearts out of Seattle fans the world over.  Final score:  34-33.

Week 11 – @ New Orleans, 1:05pm start.  Don’t even ask.  Last week’s defeat left the team down and out.  Final Score:  Saints 45, Seahawks 12.

Week 12 – vs. Kansas City, 1:05pm start.  At 2-8 and out of the playoffs, Pete Carroll decides to make the switch official.  Charlie Whitehurst takes over for his big audition.  The Seahawks play flat, but Kansas City isn’t much better, and the home team pulls out the 17-14 victory.

Week 13 – vs. Carolina, 1:15pm start.  With a strong running game and a game-managing quarterback, the Panthers are better than many expected.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate in the record books, as they’ve managed to lose a lot of close games this year.  Today is no different; Seahawks win 2 in a row for the first time all season with a 21-20 win.

Week 14 – @ San Francisco, 1:05pm start.  Hoping to play spoiler, the Seahawks go down to Cali to avenge the week 1 loss that started this whole mess.  The Seahawks leave Cali with their tails between their legs:  49ers 33, Seahawks 16.

Week 15 – vs. Atlanta, 1:05pm start.  The ‘Hawks keep it close throughout and have the ball with a chance to win it at the end.  Charlie leads the team on a dramatic late game drive to get to the Falcons’ 33 yard line.  On fourth down, Olindo Mare is given the opportunity to win the game, but shanks the kick wildly to the left.  Final score:  28-27.

Week 16 – @ Tampa Bay, 10:00am start.  Charlie has his best game ever, throwing for over 300 yards and connecting on 4 plays of 35 yards or more.  Seahawks roll 34-20.

Week 17 – vs. St. Louis, 1:15pm start.  For the second straight week, Whitehurst impresses with his massive arm.  This gives Seahawks fans hope that we might have indeed found our quarterback of the future.  Seattle ends the season winning 4 of 6 with a 35-14 win over the hapless Rams.

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