49ers Look Awful In Season-Opening Defeat

I like to focus on the negative.

In my defense, I will say that my prediction COULD have been pretty accurate, if those early field goals were indeed touchdowns.

I’m not willing to say the 49ers lost this game vs. the Seahawks actually winning it, because for all the miscues by the 49ers (biggest of the bunch being the 4th and 1 play where Smith overthrew the fullback who was wide open in the end zone which would’ve made it 13-0), there were as many good-to-great plays by the Seahawks.  Trufant with the pick-six, Hasselbeck with the amazing timing pass to Branch for a TD, his perfect touch on the TD to Butler, his bootleg for the 1-yard TD run, and the defense holding Gore to only 38 yards rushing.

This game was boring and ugly early.  Hasselbeck with the interception on the very first play, some costly drops and wrong routes run, and of course the complete and utter lack of a running game (77 total yards for a team on cruise control for most of the 2nd half).  Thankfully, the defense came to play, with the 2 picks and actually giving Smith headaches in our pass rush.  Yeah, we only got 2 sacks, but we had 11 hits, and that’s the difference between wins and losses in my book.

So, what does today’s 31-6 victory mean?  Was it just a bad game by the 49ers?  Or is Alex Smith really that bad?  OR, are we just that good?  I’d say it’s a combination of all of that, plus the home field advantage.  This team has shown time and time again that it’s just not the same on the road.  Next week will be the real test.  If we can win in Denver of all places, then we can start talking about Division Championships and all that.  Lose, and my 6-10 prediction is still very much in play.  Because the Broncos don’t shake out as a team – on paper – all that much better than us.  Losing to them on the road means we’ll likely not end up over-achieving at all this season.

Win next week, and anything can happen.

Player of the Game:  Marcus Trufant.  3 tackles, 3 passes defended, 1 interception for a touchdown.  He also contributed to keeping their wideouts very much in check yard-wise.

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