A Paragraph With The Mariners – 141

The Angels are pretty much our kryptonite.  Even in a year when they’re not very good, we find a way to be that much worse.  With 1 game to go, we are 4-14 against these chickenfuckers.  To put that in perspective, we are 4-6 against the Yankees … WHY CAN’T WE BEAT THE FUCKING ANGELS?  Of course, that’s a stupid question, because we can’t beat the fucking anybody this year; especially if they play in the AL West.  We’re 3-10 (with 6 remaining) against the Texas Rangers and 6-9 (with 4 remaining) against the A’s.  For those playing at home, that’s 13-33, and a large reason why we’re as bad as we are.  It’s a trend we can’t seem to shake; even when we were awesome, it seems like we sucked against these teams.  God I hate that movie Angels in the Outfield so much!

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