A Paragraph With The Mariners – 142

The Felix Cy Young Brigade took some heavy fire last night.  It’s a damn shame.  I didn’t see the game, but it looks like the shit really hit the fan in the 5th.  The only saving grace is 3 of the 7 runs given up were unearned, leaving his ERA at a meager 2.39.  Nevertheless, yesterday wasn’t pretty:  6.1 innings, 7 runs, 4 earned off of 6 hits and 3 walks with only 5 strike outs.  And his record is 11-11 because obviously this offense would never be able to overcome a 7 run deficit.  Looks like he’s got 4 more starts to go:  vs. Texas, @ Toronto, @ Texas, and in the last game of the year vs. Oakland.  The next 3 are against MAJOR major league offenses … it’s time to squeeze our ass cheeks and dive in.  This could either be nirvana or total disaster.

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