A Paragraph With The Mariners – 143

Carmen Fusco was fired.  In a season where practically every head imaginable – under the President and GM – has already rolled, one more major player bites the dust.  Who is Carmen Fusco?  I have no idea.  According to media, he was the “director of professional scouting”.  Why was he fired?  I have no idea.  According to media speculation, it’s because we traded Cliff Lee for Justin Smoak and three other guys; one of those other guys being possible date rapist Josh Lueke.  Putting two and two together:  since the Mariners organization is holding hands with powerful anti-women-raping organizations, it looks bad that the M’s willingly brought in a possible date rapist.  And since that looks bad, something had to happen to make up for it.  Ergo, I now know the name Carmen Fusco.  What does this mean?  I have no idea.  Probably means, now with the field manager, most of his staff, the director of professional scouting, and the last of the really bad Bavasi players coming off the books, that next year is do or die for Jackie Z.  I hate talking about organizational affairs like this; I’d much rather be talking about players on the field, standings, playoff chases.  Instead, I’ve got to learn about some dude who nobody ever knew until he was fired because he can’t do a simple Internet search on a player he’s trying to trade for.  Maybe that’s a sign.  Maybe, if the people running your organization are so old they don’t know how to use the Internet … maybe those people shouldn’t be running any organizations.

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