A Paragraph With The Mariners – 144

The last time I talked about the Mariners Quest To Avoid 100 Losses was September 5th.  At that time, we were 54-83.  Seven games later, we are 55-89.  Back THEN, we needed to go 9-16 to avoid the big 1-0-0.  Right now:  8-10.  9-16 seemed kinda plausible!  8-10 is downright impossible.  Our offense in the gutter going without saying, it’s all kinds of hit or miss with our pitching now.  The only winnable game I see out of the next two is today’s French vs. Dice-K matchup; as surely our offense will put another wrench in Felix’s Cy Young hopes by allowing Buchholz to run wild and crazy tomorrow against the likes of David Pauley.  Then, we gotta hope Felix’s turn on Friday nets some positive results against the Rangers, because the subsequent two games feature someone named Tommy Hunter (who owns us), and an old friend by the name of Cliff Lee on Sunday.  I think the more appropriate question isn’t, “Will the Mariners avoid 100 losses?” but rather, “Will the Mariners win again in 2010?”

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