A Paragraph With The Mariners – 145

For good measure, let’s check on the race for the Number 1 Pick.  The last time I talked about THIS was on August 28th, back when we were 3rd worst and 4.5 games up on Baltimore.  Well, guess what.  In a little over 2 weeks, we are officially 1 game BEHIND Baltimore, in sole possession of the Number 2 Pick in next year’s MLB draft.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are absolutely running away with this thing, 6.5 games back (looks like since the 28th, we’ve picked up a half game on them, or they’ve picked a half game up on us, however you like to look at it).  Look, you know, what can you do?  It seems like they just want it more!  What we happen to have going for us is our strength of schedule the rest of the way; all the remaining teams we face have winning records.  Meanwhile, the Pirates face the slumping Cards for 6 games, the sub-.500 Mets for 3 more, the bad Astros and the awful Diamondbacks for 3 each, and finish with the so-so Marlins for 4.  Do I smell a race to the bottom?  Here we come Pirates!  We may have Felix, but have you SEEN our offense?

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