Down Goes Unger!

I’m beginning to think all those Player Profiles I did before the season are bad luck!

There are certain types of injuries – MCLs, ACLs, concussions, broken bones – that are just plain bad.  Devastating even!  For the most part, they put you down for the count, and in some instances not just for the rest of the season, but your entire career.

And then there’s the injury I hate more than any other – the toe injury.  Because when you think about it … it’s a toe!  You’re a big strong man!  How do you let a toe render you so completely helpless?

Yet, here we are.  Max Unger, after one game, in only his second season, is on Injured Reserve with a toe.

These toe injuries always range in severity.  For some, of the “Turf Toe” variety, you can still play on them, but they slow you down and hamper your productivity (while also preventing you from practicing ever, meaning even if you weren’t hampered on gameday, you’ll still be out of sync … see:  Antonio Gates a couple years ago on my fantasy team doing nothing for me).  For others, like linemen, the dreaded toe injury is akin to a horse with a broken leg.

All you do as an offensive lineman is dig your feet into the turf and try to drive your opponent back or from side to side.  Your most important body parts are your arms and your toes!  You can’t dig in and get any leverage while standing on your heels!

This is just a sick day all around.  You may not think losing Max Unger is all that big a deal – he is, after all, only a right guard – but wait and see.  If you thought the run game was bad before …

In perverse news, Welcome Back Mansfield Wrotto!  I’m gonna go throw up now.

For the record, my favorite injuries?  Broken bones in the fingers of defensive linemen.  I love watching a guy who plays with a giant club for a hand!

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