Jake Locker Not-Heisman Watch: Week 3

Pretty shitty game all around.  Husky defense made a couple of early stops, but the onslaught of bigger, faster, stronger players on that Cornhusker offense was too damn much.

Maybe he can borrow Reggie Bush's trophy ... oh, yeah ...

Didn’t help having that interception by Locker on the first drive.  Nor the ample 3 and outs.  Nor the other interception after I stopped watching early in the 2nd half.

Why did I stop watching?  Well, I wouldn’t have if I thought whatsoever that the Huskies might have a chance to come back.  Down 14-0, we got it rolling a little bit on the ground (after it was readily apparent that the passing attack was going to be shut down) to cut it to 7.  They came right back to make it a 14-point game, though, as it was impossible to hold this team to a fucking field goal.  One more touchdown after a Cornhusker fumble made things interesting, but by this point our defense was toast.  28-14 at half.

Right out of the gate, they had an 80-yard run to make it a 3-TD game.  We took it right back on two plays, with Locker’s only solid pass of the day (a 45-yarder to a wide open Jermaine Kearse), but that was it.  Nebraska finished with 383 yards of rushing to our decent-but-nowhere-near-enough 175 on the ground.

Unfortunately, Jake can kiss the Heisman goodbye.  4 for 20, 71 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs (59 rushing with a TD on 11 carries).  3 weeks.  Jake Locker’s Heisman Campaign lasted only 3 weeks.  Damn.  Good thing we didn’t buy that 80-foot billboard in Times Square.

Here’s to a much-needed bye week before we get stomped by the Trojans.  Ahh, there you are 1-3; we’ll be together soon.

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