The Seahawks Can’t Win On The Road Exhibit A: Denver Broncos

It’s officially getting old.

This game might’ve been completely different if we got that touchdown on that first drive.  If Heather Locklear didn’t hold and Forsett’s touchdown was true.  It might’ve even been different if we didn’t throw that interception; if we just settled for a field goal for the 3-point lead.

Or it might’ve been exactly the same, only with a few more points on our end.

This game PROBABLY would’ve been different if we didn’t muff that punt.  If we didn’t send out a rookie when we have a perfectly capable returner in the aforementioned Forsett.  I mean, Forsett can’t be so important that you can’t put him back there to return kicks!  Or, shit, I dunno, just don’t give a rookie a punt return when he’s in a position to crap his pants (save that for, I DUNNO, when we’re kicking ass all over a 49er team one week ago!).

That was pretty much a back-breaker, as that was one of the few times we actually managed to stop Denver on 3rd down.  Yes, they dinked and dunked and intermediate routed us to death just as I imagined.  AND, just as I imagined, their running backs were nothing special and their wide receivers were no all stars.  But even mediocre talent will look like world beaters when you can’t get to the quarterback.

Of course, when we did get to the quarterback, he was able to elude pressure.  Who knew Kyle Orton was so damned mobile?

There were other ill-timed turnovers.  Ill-advised plays on 3rd and 4th down that had little-to-no chance of success.  From what I’m told by those involved, the lob play to the back of the end zone on 4th and 2 (back when we still had a chance to come back if we scored a touchdown on the drive) wasn’t actually intended originally to be a lob play to the back of the end zone.  But, since the screen to Jones was snuffed out early, that was the only other option on the play.  THAT.  First of all, WHY are you throwing a screen to Jones on 4th and 2?  Why not, shit, why not a fucking slant to Butler who caught everything going his way!?  Why not a crossing route to Branch?  Why not spread ’em wide and dump it to Jones 2 yards IN FRONT of the line of scrimmage?

Or FUCK.  How about, if you’re going to design a screen to Jones, have the backup option NOT be a fucking lob to the back of the end zone!!!

I’m not arguing with the decision to go for it on 4th and short.  I think that’s great and I will applaud it almost every time.  I’m arguing with the fucking play called.  That’s a bullshit play; I would’ve rather you plowed Forsett for 2 yards up the gut than whatever rinky-dink crap that was.

Anyway, the final was 31-14.  I predicted 31-10.  The Seahawks are who we motherfucking thought they were:  a team who can’t win on the road against like-talented teams.  I mean, let’s face it, yeah they’ve got a decent secondary, but their D-Line is shit (they got 1 sack and gave up over 100 yards rushing to the likes of us).  We were able to move the ball, but we kept stepping all over our dicks out there with mistakes (interceptions, fumbles, penalties).  That was a winnable game, but for that to happen, we needed to be perfect.  Because they weren’t about to start putting the ball on the turf to let us back in.

Stat of the Day:  14 for 20.  The Denver Broncos converted 14 of 20 3rd downs into 1st downs.  You’ll lose every time when you give that up.

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