How In Bloody Hell Are The San Diego Chargers Only 1-1?

I’m facing a bit of a short week, as I’ll be on vacation Thursday through Sunday, so might as well get the upcoming preview out of the way.

Yet another old AFC West foe on the docket.  The San Diego Chargers.  If I had to rank them on my Most Hated List of the old rivals, they’d easily be fourth.  For the longest time in the late 80s and early 90s, the Chargers were almost as bad – if not worse – than the Seahawks; so really, what’s to hate?  The Raiders were the Raiders, the Broncos had Elway, and the Chiefs were a defensive force for many years during my youth.  The Chargers were nothing more than a flea; even when they went to that Super Bowl, I couldn’t hate on ’em too bad.  They still had one of the best uniforms in the NFL!

Anyway, who are the Chargers and why are they 1-1?  Well, they really choked one away on the opening Monday night at Kansas City (making everyone in the world wonder just HOW good the Chefs really are).  I won’t take “weather” as an excuse, because the Chargers should have a good rushing attack; they just refused to deploy it.

They’re still as talented as they come through the air.  Rivers, hate him or hate him, is a talented quarterback surrounded by talented receivers who make him look even better than he probably is.  And they’ve still got Sproles, and some other backs who are a little more sturdy … let’s just say they don’t have to necessarily worry where their points are coming from.

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m all that impressed with their defense; at least not until I see it in action (because really, who could have POSSIBLY sat through that Monday night game?).  Yeah, they tore through the Jaguars last week, but the Jags can’t play on the West Coast; they’re like the reverse Seahawks.

And let us not forget:  this game is at Qwest.  Which will always account for a result unexpected.  For this reason alone, I say the Seahawks CAN win this game.

Whether they will or not is another matter.  I kinda have the feeling like their offense is just going to mop the floor with our defense.  Which means this will either be a very high scoring affair on both sides – because I do think we can score on them with regularity if we avoid the mistakes of last week – or it will be a San Diego Super-Blowout akin to THEIR game with the Jags last week.  If we get behind early, and Hasselbeck starts pressing and throwing into coverage, this Sunday could be a long one.

Qwest Field can do funny things though.  Best possible scenario:  the run defense continues to be strong, we’re able to find some holes in their offensive line, and we mess up Rivers’ hair a little bit.  Which could lead to them making some mistakes of their own, which would enable our offense to take care of business.

But Philip Rivers isn’t Alex Smith.  Even under extreme pressure, I think Rivers will probably get the job done.  We’ll see though; I’ve been wrong before.

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