A Paragraph With The Mariners – 154

You know what’s the best part about going to Disneyland over the long weekend?  Not having to watch the Mariners go 1-3, including what looked like a brutal 1-0 loss last Thursday with Felix on the bump.  A solo home run to Brady Anderson Jose Bautista – the guy who apparently ISN’T taking any illegal substances even though he’s now apparently a 52-homer guy whose previous high was 16 … yeah, NOTHING sketchy about this guy – was all the scoring in the ballgame as Felix went the Road Loss Complete Game, giving up only 1 other hit.  I’m officially numb.  I can’t scold this dog of an offense for pissing on my carpet anymore!  The subsequent two losses were insignificant and the Sunday morning victory in Tampa was whatever.  We stand at 59-96 with 7 games to go.  Felix goes again tomorrow in Texas.  He’s getting a lot of pub in his favor after last week’s loss.  To honor his season, they better let him take the mound on the last game of the year.  If they don’t, I may never forgive this franchise.

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