The Seahawks Thump Those Chargers

L-E-O-N!  Leon!  Leon!  Leon!

I caught the first quarter in a bar in LAX; it ended with no score and uneven play on both sides.  A nice sack by Clemons here, a few spiffy plays on offense there.  But all in all, nothing to speak about.

Then I got on a plane and all hell broke loose in Qwest.

There was apparently a touchdown that was overturned in favor of a fumble through the end zone.  There was another touchdown that stood, this time to John Carlson making his first appearance of the season.  And THEN, what the fuck!  A quarterback sneak with 19 seconds on the clock before halftime that resulted in a first down at the 1 yard line, but ultimately resulted in the end of half thanks to no time outs.

10-0 turned into 17-0 on the opening kickoff of the second half.  L-E-O-N!  101 yards, franchise record!

17-0 turned into 17-12 turned into 20-20 most of the way through the fourth quarter.  Then it was time to kickoff to Leon.  99 yards, another touchdown!  Ties an NFL record for 2 kickoff TDs in a game!  Could have had three if he didn’t slip on another kickoff before that!

27-20 held, thanks to a defense that gave up over 500 yards of offense to the Chargers (including 455 to Rivers).  But, we stopped them when we had to thanks to turnovers (a key theme that won’t soon go away for the Seahawks).  2 interceptions by my new favorite Seahawk Earl Thomas (including pretty much the game clincher).  3 fumble recoveries.  4 sacks (2 by Clemons) and 9 QB hits (4 by Clemons).  But, most importantly, only 20 points.  7 less than us.  That’s all there is to say, when you boil it on down.

Perfect @ Home goes back on the road, to St. Louis next week.  We have to win that game.  More on why a little later in the week.

Player of the Game:  Do I even need to put this?  Leon!  253 kickoff return yards!  2 touchdowns!  Give that man a gold star!

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