A Paragraph With The Mariners – 157

Looks like we just missed out on having our first winning road trip of the season thanks to our not being able to sweep Texas this afternoon.  Our road record officially stinks!  26-55 … meaning our Safeco record stands at a robust … 35-42 with four games to go against the A’s.  And our record against the AL West is a big part of that stink-ocity.  4-15 against the Angels; 7-12 against the Rangers (though, let’s face it, those last 4 wins were this month, when the Rangers had the division wrapped up); and 6-9 with four chances to lose to the A’s.  17-36.  That’s not really going to impress the ladies.  Here’s something to look forward to (in lieu of another Felix start, or another Vargas start for that matter):  if the Mariners can go 2-2, they’ll only lose 99 games.  Yes we can!  Yes we can!

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