Did You Hear? The NFC West Is A Pile Of Shit

The San Francisco 49ers – most everyone’s pick to win the division – are 0-3.  I saw records ranging from 8-8 to 13-3 tabbed on these chickenfuckers, and what have they done?  Lost to the Seahawks, lost to the Saints, and lost to the Chiefs!  Which leads me to ask:  are the Chiefs as good as their 3-0 record?

Tough to say, but unquestionably – in the wake of firing their offensive coordinator this week – the 49ers are as BAD as their 0-3.

Their next two games are at Atlanta, and vs. Philadelphia.  I’d have to say, they look like they’re probably going to lose those games.  That would put them at 0-5 before they play Denver, at Arizona, at Green Bay, and at San Diego.  Not to mention home games vs. Arizona, Seattle, and at this point Tampa Bay who could also give them a run for their money.  Their defense is underwhelming, their quarterback is Alex Smith, and their best offensive weapon is a tight end.  That’s not going to get you very far in the NFL.

The St. Louis Rams just beat ass all over Washington last week, but apparently when you’re as hapless as the Rams, beating the Redskins just comes naturally.  Plus, not for nothing, but I can totally imagine the ‘Skins looking ahead to their matchup with Philly this week, even though they’d never in a million years admit it.

Look, the Rams are the Rams, they have a rookie quarterback and they DON’T have the Ravens’ defense.  They will be bad.

Arizona required three missed field goals before they could officially beat the Raiders at home last week.  In their wins, they’ve eeked out the likes of the Rams and the Raiders, meanwhile they got killed by Atlanta.

Arizona is the only team that scares me in the least, because I know they have talented players on both sides of the ball.  But they still have Derek Anderson who constantly waffles between looking somewhat competent and the worst quarterback in the NFL.  You never know what you’re going to get from him on any given Sunday, but one thing’s for certain:  if he ever figures out how to lob the ball up to Fitzgerald, they won’t be so bad.

You can’t really predict what’s going to happen at season’s end after the third week, but you can see some trends.  Arizona still has to go on the road and play San Diego, Seattle, Minnesota, and Kansas City; not to mention those home games vs. Dallas and New Orleans.  The way they’ve looked so far, that’s the potential for six losses right there.  And you’ve got to think they’ll bungle one or two of those games they’re favored in.

Meanwhile, there’s the Seahawks.  Quietly posting a winning record.  Not only that, but beating two teams we were supposed to lose to!

This St. Louis game this week is a must-win because, let’s face it, we’re not so good on the road.  It’s a game we were supposed to win coming into the year.  AND, it will give us a huge boost of momentum going into the bye week.

Following the bye, we have another 4-game stretch where it would behoove us to go 3-1 (@ Chi, vs AZ, @ Oak, vs NYG).  Two home games and a winnable game at Oakland need to go in our favor.  At that point, we would be 6-2 and officially on everyone’s radar (especially after thumping Eli Manning in week 9).

If we can go to 6-2, I’m not gonna lie to you, there are only 3 games that scare me:  @ New Orleans, @ Arizona, and vs. Atlanta.  We should beat both Kansas City and Carolina at home; we should be able to go into San Francisco and Tampa and take care of business; and we CERTAINLY should beat the Rams at home in the final week of the season (if necessary).

You couldn’t ask for a better close to a season, schedule-wise.  Especially considering we’re in the NFC West.  Do I think we’ll be 11-5 when all is said and done?  Good God no!  I AM saying there’s a chance though.  There’s always a chance.

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