A Paragraph With The Mariners – 159

King Felix is officially down for the count, per Jackie Z.  Also down for the count?  One Douglas Wildes Fister (not kidding about that middle name).  With 5.1 innings of 13-hit, 6-run ball, Mister Fister finishes the season with a 6-14 record, a 4.11 ERA, 32 walks vs. 93 strike outs, and 171 innings pitched (while missing a month along the way).  If you told me that was his line going into the season, I would’ve said, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”  But, laying that out before me, knowing what I know, it’s a little disappointing considering he’s been under 4 in ERA all year.  ALL YEAR.  In fact, going into his injury spell, he had one of the best ERAs in the American League.  All signs point to regression to his personal mean, which, whatever.  I don’t think he’s quite as locked up as Vargas considering next year’s Opening Week Rotation – I think he’ll still need to show that he’s not regressing too far the other way in Spring Training – but I’m pretty confident we’ll see Fister again.  In some capacity.  Let’s just hope that next season doesn’t see him turn into Ryan Rowland-Smith circa 2010.  At the very least, I’m 50 times more confident going into a new year with Douglas Fister than I am with Ian Snell.  That’s saying SOMETHING.  I don’t know quite what yet, but it’s something.

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