A Paragraph With The Mariners – 161

To clear up a few loose ends as the Mariners lose their 100th game in 161 contests:  the number 2 pick is locked down.  Franklin Gutierrez is looking to finish the season with a perfect defensive record, with the most chances in a major league season.  David Pauley ends his season 4-9 with a 4.07 ERA.  Michael Saunders hit his 10th home run.  Justin Smoak is on a 14 for 31 tear with 3 home runs, 3 doubles, and 8 RBI in his last 9 games.  Ichiro has 211 hits.  And, what the hell, Chone Figgins has his batting average up to .259 (with his on base percentage at .341).  In non-loser news:  the Rangers won the AL West, the Twins won the AL Central, the Yankees and Rays are within a game (or so) of each other for the other two playoff spots.  The Phillies won the NL East, the Reds won the NL Central, the Braves look to have a handle on the wild card spot, and the Giants and Padres are playing tomorrow for the NL West.  Giants win and they’re in; Padres win and they force a 1-game playoff.  Pretty thrilling stuff.

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