A Paragraph With The Mariners – 162

The last guy to lose the Mariners a ballgame in 2010?  That award goes to Anthony Varvaro, a guy I know absolutely nothing about.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about the OTHER Mariners Manager who won’t be managing in the Major Leagues next year:  Daren Brown.  He ends his career in the majors with a 19-31 record.  I don’t know where that ranks with the all time greats, but I gotta say it’s down there.  Still, he seemed like a good guy – and obviously he’s a quality AAA manager – so it had to be a bittersweet day for him yesterday.  Or maybe just bitter.  I mean, I know he’ll get a token interview for the team’s open manager job next year, but he won’t get it!  So many established managers out there would have to turn us down before he’d be considered for retention.  Odds are, his career record will always be 19-31.  On the one hand, these 50 games will probably stand as his life’s greatest achievement; I mean, how many guys can say they’ve managed a major league baseball team (even one with minor league hitting talent)?  On the other hand, through no fault of his own, he went into yesterday pretty much guaranteed that it would be his last in a major league uniform.  That must have been tough.  So, here’s to you Daren Brown!  Thanks for taking charge these last 50 games and doing the best job you could have possibly done!  If you indeed aren’t kept on as the Mariners manager, I hope to see you back in Tacoma, helping the Rainiers defend their PCL title.

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