Welcome To Seattle, Marshawn

I pretty much only know the world through the filter of Fantasy Football.  In that sense, all I know about Marshawn Lynch – whom the Seattle Seahawks acquired in a trade with the Bills for a 4th round pick next year and another pick (likely a 6th rounder) in 2012 – is that he’s been kind of a disappointment lately, after coming on like gangbusters in his rookie season.

In that rookie season, according to his ESPN page, he had 1,115 yards in 13 games, averaging an even 4.0 ypc.  The next year, he had 30 less carries and only 1,036 yards, but for a 4.1 ypc average.  After that, for whatever reason, Buffalo decided it needed another running back to spell Lynch (L-Y-N-C-H … but I digress) and he fell to 120 carries for only 450 yards last year (with a 3.8 ypc average).  Then they drafted C.J. Spiller (yes, THAT C.J. Spiller, the guy the Seahawks could have drafted if they were so inclined), and that spelled the end of the Marshawn Lynch era (t-h-e e-n-d …).

Fantasy Bust?  You betcha!  But, that doesn’t make him a bad running back.  That doesn’t mean he can’t come in here and immediately help this ballclub, with his 215 pound frame and his 24 years of age.  By all rights, if he’s kept himself in shape, refrained from smoking too much reefer, and hasn’t half-killed his liver in long, booze-filled nights, Marshawn Lynch should have a good 6 years left to his career.

In other words, this COULD be the running back we see heading our attack for a while.  What do you think about that?

I think the price is right, first of all.  A 4th round pick is pretty much Mansfield Wrotto, so if you look at it that way, we just raped Buffalo in their junk!  A 6th round pick is pretty much Steve Vallos, so there you go.

Secondly, I don’t know if I necessarily buy the whole Thunder & Lightning theory when it comes to a running game (which goes:  you need a big bruising back to tenderize the defense while getting those tough yards, then you pop them across the jaw with a small, shifty guy with a lot of quicks who can get to that second level and take some longer runs to the house).  I think if your offensive line is bad, anything short of Adrian Peterson will look a whole lot like Julius Jones.  However, if your offensive line is good, you can have Thunder & Thunder or Lightning & Lightning and do just fine.

Overall, I don’t hate the move.  I’m not enamored just yet, but if he comes in here and gives us some offensive stability, I could be.  I think this is just a piece.  In the offseason, it was clear we needed another running back (and less of a Julius Jones who’s FINALLY been officially cut thank Christ).  We tried with trades, but found that Leon Washington is quite similar to what we have in Forsett (only better on kickoffs) and we found that Lunch Pail is who we thought he was.  We opted to NOT go via the draft which I think is fine because Earl Thomas will be YOUR Defensive ROY.  So, once again we tried the trade route.  We didn’t give up too much, and we got someone considerably younger and considerably better than Lunch Pail.

Lynch might not help us too much this season.  But, next year?  The year after?  We could have something there.

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