Who Gives A Fuck: High School Basketball Stars Picking Their College Edition

Tony Wroten Jr. verbally committed to the University of Washington yesterday.  I think that’s fantastic!  Big time college basketball is really a Rich Get Richer kind of scheme.  First, you have to win ballgames.  Then, you have to get better players to sign with your team.  Then, you have to win some more.  THEN, you start getting really good players.  And the more really good players you get, the more you’re likely to get in the future because good players like playing for good teams where they’ll get noticed on a national stage and ultimately land a bigtime basketball contract with the NBA.

The Washington Huskies are currently involved in this cycle.  And it’s exciting as all hell.

Tony Wroten Jr. verbally committed to the University of Washington yesterday.  And of course what you hear and what you read after some big prospect commits to a college in front of family and friends and classmates in his high school gym, with reporters and television cameras and ESPN and the like waiting in the wings like panthers about to pounce on a feeble-minded gazelle … it’s always the same: 

I Don’t Like This. 
I Don’t Think We Should Be Making A Big Deal About A High School Kid. 
I Don’t Think We Should Be Putting All This Pressure On A High School Kid.
I Don’t Understand This.
What Has The World Come To?

You know what I hear when I hear people argue this point:

“I’m An Old, Out Of Shape White Man Whose Athletic Zenith Happened When I Hit A Grand Slam In Tee-Ball.  And Because I Was Never Anything More Than A Pale, Friendless Virgin In High School, I’m Jealous Of All The Attention This Kid’s Receiving Now.  This Kid Who Will Ultimately Make More Money In A Season Than I Will In My Life.  This Kid Who Will Ultimately Amount To More In His Profession Than I Ever Will In Mine Is A Threat To My Sanity And So I Must Tear Down This Experience.”

Can we all, for a second, just sit back and try to put ourselves in his shoes?  Why does this … I dunno, press conference?  Why does this experience automatically have to be a bad thing?

Remember when YOU were in high school?  What did you want more than anything besides getting laid?  You wanted attention.  You wanted validation for the things you did well.  And maybe that didn’t involve an A you received on that presentation about the Kent State shootings.  You didn’t necessarily want validation and attention from your teachers; but you sure as shit wanted it from your peers.  You wanted to be held in high regard, regardless of what you did to get it.

The class clown wants to crack up his fellow students during a quiet moment in a test.  The rich kid wants to bring his fancy new gadget to school and show everyone how it works, thereby making them incredibly jealous.  The tough kid won’t take no shit and wants to show off how bad ass he is by beating the shit out of anyone who crosses him.  And the basketball player wants you to leap out of your seat when he jams over the outstretched arms of someone taller than him.

That’s high school in a nutshell.

In other words, you don’t have the experience of life to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.  You’re not wise enough to have your ego in check.  All you want is to soak in all the adulation that you can.  And what’s wrong with that?

It’s only when you become a grown-ass man and are still pulling the same high school stunts (LeBron), that you become a joke.  If you haven’t at least learned how to fake humility by the time you’ve made it to the Show, then there’s something wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with a high school senior relishing his time in the sun.  And you old white pricks need to get a life and move on.  Don’t like all the attention being heaped on Tony Wroten Jr.?  Then don’t watch.

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