What A Crap Game: Losing to the Sun Devils

The highlight of my day on Saturday was playing beer pong at the tailgate before the game.  Now, normally playing beer pong would ALWAYS be the highlight of my day because I’m a drunk, but on days where I pay good money to scalpers to go see a football game, I expect the motherfucking highlight to be a Husky win!

This game didn’t really start off like I’d hoped.  It had been sprinkling off and on pretty much all day, but it wasn’t until we started walking to the stadium that the rain stayed consistent.  To which I figured, “All right!  We’ll run the ball well, it’ll be a sloppy game with a lot of turnovers and we can eek out a close 10-7 type victory!”  And when it started raining harder, for what turned out to be the entire first half, I thought, “The more the merrier!”

Pretty much what I DIDN’T expect was for both teams to attempt over 30 passes and rack up over 350 yards.

To our credit, we ran the ball well, averaging over 4 yards per carry on a whopping 35 attempts.  Too bad we didn’t stick with it even more, we could have turned those 145 yards into 300 if we just dedicated ourselves to the run.

Locker didn’t have a great game (we later found out he’d been sick all week and was winded quite a bit in this game).  Pretty much when I’m able to write the words, “Locker didn’t have a great game,” you know the Huskies probably lost.

To our defense’s credit, we only allowed 3 points in the second half.  To their absolute fault, our defense gave up a touchdown at the end of the first half that ended up putting the game away.  That drive was REDICULOUS!  They had the ball with 1:01 left on their own 35 yard line.  I don’t care what you do, you can even let them get within field goal range, but you CAN’T give up a touchdown in under a minute!  That turned a 14-7 game into a 21-7 game, sent our team down and desperate into halftime, and really changed the way we played offense in the second half.

You could see, at times, we really moved the ball well on them.  We had five drives of 9 plays or more; unfortunately we only scored on two of them.  The others were a turnover on downs (brutal), a missed field goal, and an interception at the end of the game.

I don’t know what else to say.  These receivers dropping passes are KILLING ME.  Jermaine Kearse has GOT to have these failures stuck in his head now every time it’s 3rd down and we need a tough 8 yards.  You can see his drops a mile away and it’s only going to get worse as the season moves forward.  Catching the ball is just as much a mental game as it is physical and it looks like he’s going into every play believing he’s going to put the ball on the ground.  D’Andre Goodwin, meanwhile, is the only guy I have confidence in.  He could put up some HUGE numbers the rest of the way as Locker realizes who’s buttering his bread.

Props to Callier too.  I like him as the change-of-pace running back.  I like him coming off those end-arounds; it’s a nice disruption of the defense.

Next week we have Oregon State.  I don’t have to tell you that’s a Must Win.

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