What Does Last Week Mean?

The Rams got killed by the Lions 44-6, the 49ers dropped to 0-5 by losing at home to the Eagles, and the Cardinals now lead the division with their 3-2 record thanks to upending the Saints.

The Seahawks are in second place at 2-2.

So, what did last weekend tell us?  Is Max Hall the answer at quarterback for Arizona?  Is their defense suddenly competitive just because they beat a banged up New Orleans team?  Are the Rams SO BAD that they could regularly give up gargantuan amounts of points to other bad teams?  Is 0-5 too big a hole for San Francisco?

I think, more than anything, what last weekend means is what I’m sick and tired of hearing:  that the winner will indeed have a 7-9 record.

Look, no one wants to believe they’re in the worst division in football.  That argument has been made against the NFC West pretty much since the Seahawks re-joined it.  My rebuttal to that has been, well, look at the Seahawks who’ve been to a Super Bowl and have won a lot of playoff games.  Look at the Cardinals in THEIR Super Bowl.  But this year, there is absolutely nothing I can say.  Nothing at all.  The NFC West is not only the worst division in the NFL; I would argue without doing any research whatsoever that 2010’s NFC West is the worst division – from top to bottom – in the history of divisions in the NFL.

Which is what’s so damn aggravating!  This thing is right there for the taking!  I haven’t felt so good about the quality (or lack thereof) of the rest of this division since the Seahawks were owning the West in the middle of the last decade.  The only thing is, I’m NOT feeling good about the quality of the Seahawks.  That Rams game has me shaken to my core.  Was it a fluke?  More importantly, will we be able to recover?

I’m telling you this right now, the Rams will not win this division.  Bottom line.  I don’t think they have more than one win in them the rest of the way (at home against Carolina, if they’re going to win any games at all).

I think the Cardinals defense is still craptacular.  Yes, they will have their games when they get their turnovers and look like world-beaters (like they did last week).  But, more often than not, you can exploit them.  Like Atlanta did (41 points), like San Diego did (41 points) and like Oakland did (23 points … come on, it’s Oakland!).  What they have going for them, however, is the bye week this week before going into Qwest next week.  That will be a big game; I’m sure to be frothing at the mouth.

And here’s a prediction for you:  San Francisco will be 5-5 by the time they hit their Monday Night Showdown in Arizona on Thanksgiving Weekend.  Mark my words; look at this schedule:  vs. Oak, @ Car, vs. Den, BYE, vs. St.L, vs. Tam.  The only tough game is against Denver, they play it at home, AND you can totally score on Denver’s defense.  We’ll be looking at one of the hottest teams in football 6 weeks from now and everyone’s going to forget just out terrible they’ve looked at times in this 0-5 start.

I could be wrong, though it’s never happened before.

In short, last week don’t mean shit.

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