Call Me Crazy: Why the Seahawks Will Beat Da Bears This Week

Look, I know.  All right?  I know.  Betting on the Seahawks on the road is pretty much akin to betting on the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters; not only do the ‘Hawks always lose on the road, but they always lose in rediculous fashion.

In fact, here are the results of the last 13 games the Seahawks have played on the road:  loss by 17, loss by 17, loss by 38, loss by 27, win by 10 (Rams), loss by 26, loss by 11, loss by 21, loss by 17, loss by 13, loss by 13, win by 3 (Rams), loss by 25.  2 wins (against the Rams) and the next closest score was a loss by 11 to the Arizona Cardinals last year (where our defense gave up 31 points).

So, it’s not with a whole lot of precedence that I’m making this prediction.  I don’t even have anything real tangible to hold onto and give to you as an argument.  All I can say is:  this Seahawks team, right now, is much MUCH better than it’s been the past two years.  We’ve got health where we haven’t necessarily had it before (quarterback).  We’ve got depth where we haven’t necessarily had it before (offensive line, wide receiver).  We’ve got an influx of new talent, both rookie and veteran (safety, kick returner, running back).  We’ve got playmakers and all-around solid individuals (linebacker, Earl Thomas, Leon Washington, Golden Tate).

In short, these are not your slightly older brother’s Seahawks.  They WILL surprise someone this year (beyond the fact that they’re not a 3-13 disaster the way some people were projecting coming into the season).  To surprise the fans in Seattle, that would mean winning a game against a competent opponent on the road (preferably in a 10am start).

The Seahawks WILL win a road game this year!  I know last week didn’t really set the confidence bar too high, but I’m telling you!  Not only that, I bet the Seahawks find a way to win 2 or even 3 games on the road this year!

Now, before you hunt me down and burn me at the stake for being a witch, let me just say that yes, the Seahawks are an inconsistent football team.  I’m not saying they’re great!  I’m not saying they’re going to go out and win 10 games and get a 3-seed in the NFC.  I’m saying they’re inconsistent, which means they’re going to lose some games they should win.  But that ALSO means they’re going to win some games they probably shouldn’t.  They’re going to find a way, at the end of the fourth quarter, to put a drive together and leave everyone in the football world scratching their heads saying, “What just happened?  How did the Seahawks just win that game?”

And for all the praise I heaped on the Bears yesterday, they’re not perfect.  They’re not even as good as their record!  You CAN move the ball on this team.  You CAN get in Cutler’s face and force some punts/bad throws/interceptions.  And considering how well we’ve been against the run, you have to wonder how well Forte will really do on Sunday.  I imagine, if you put the game in Cutler’s hands, more often than not you’re going to beat his ass.

Why not this week?

Remember, Cutler is coming off of a concussion.  He may be at 100% physically, but his last game action was against the New York Football Giants.  If we can rough him up early, get in his head a little bit, he’ll be having ‘Nam flashbacks before the 2nd quarter is finished, and we’ll have ourselves a nice little field position advantage.

There’s reason to be excited for the Seahawks right now, even with that dead hooker taste still in our mouths following that Rams game.  Marshawn Lynch for one.  Running backs aren’t wide receivers.  They acclimate MUCH more quickly to an offense.  So, we should expect Lynch to be at full speed and ready to run over defenders.  Ready to prove to himself, his new team, and everyone else in the NFL that he’s still a productive member of this league.

Reduce some pressure from Hasselbeck’s shoulders, and just watch this offense flow much more easily up and down the field.

I think it’s going to be a great game.  And mark my words, the Seahawks will win and everyone will wonder how in the hell they did it.

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