The Arizona Cardinals SHOULD Not Win This Week

But stranger things have happened.

So, what have we seen from the Cards this year?  Pretty much they’re JUST as unpredictable as the Seattle Seahawks.  Week 1 they creeped by the Rams in a 17-13 slugfest; Week 2 they got trounced by the Falcons 41-7; Week 3 they needed a miracle three missed field goals by Oakland to win by a point at home; Week 4 they were once again killed on the road in San Diego 41-10; and Week 5 they somehow, someway beat the Saints at home by 10.

In other words, either they’ll come into Qwest and catch a close victory, or we’ll kill them by 30.

I honestly don’t know what to make of them.  Yeah, the Falcons are a good team, but so are the Saints.  Yeah, San Diego has a great offense, but their defense is abysmal and their special teams even worse!  Yeah, they laid a clunker in St. Louis, but the Seahawks dumped an even bigger turd there!

Here’s the deal, in a nutshell.  This isn’t “The Seahawks vs. The Cardinals”.  It’s “The 12th Man vs. Max Hall”.  Which makes me nervous, because Max Hall obviously wasn’t the reason they beat the Saints in their last game before the BYE week.  He threw a pick and had 2 fumbles drop which turned out to be VERY lucky bounces for the Cards (one even ending up as a touchdown for an offensive lineman).  He threw for only 168, had no touchdown passes, and saw his running attack only gain 41 yards.

No, the Cardinals won that game because they somehow harassed Drew Brees into 3 picks, one a TAINT.

HOWEVER, all is not lost.  They only got 1 sack in that game, hit Brees another 5 times.  Pretty much, it was all their schemes and ill-advised throws that propelled them.  The Saints still drove for over 350 yards, and until that TAINT, were in that game.

This is not a good defense we’re facing this Sunday.

Here’s what the Seahawks need to do to win:  keep turnovers at a bare minimum, hold up well enough against the blitz, and let the fans make Max Hall’s life miserable.  We WILL get in his head.  We WILL force him into mistakes.  By all accounts, the Seahawks should take this game running away.  I mean, the Cardinals do nothing well!  They can’t run on us.  They’ve got a rookie, undrafted quarterback.  And they’re among the worst at both pass and rush defense.  We could see our first 100 yard rusher this week!  We could take a stranglehold on the NFC West this week!  We could be the Team To Beat!

Yes We Can!

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