The Huskies Take Their Ineptitudes To South Arizona

In an effort to prevent this from being 100% Me Talking Shit, I’ll go ahead and list the only three good things the Huskies achieved in their 44-14 massacre to the Wildcats last night:

  1. 26 yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse
  2. The forced fumble by Princeton Fuimaono that led to #1
  3. The blocked extra point at the end of the 2nd quarter to keep it to a 30-14 game

Honorable mention:  Polk 7 yard touchdown run in the midst of the defense laying down and dying.

Oh, I was SO excited after the fumble/Kearse touchdown.  So excited.  Then, they scored a little too easily to tie it.  Then, they scored again.  Then, they scored again to go up 10.  Polk, then a 78 yard run to go up 10 again.  Oh, and how about one more score before the half?

This was just all kinds of bad.  Yeah, Locker’s line looks okay, but we just weren’t able to move the ball whatsoever.  With Arizona playing a backup quarterback, you had to keep the pressure on him by putting points on the board.  The Huskies, obviously, weren’t able to do that.

And they really haven’t all year.  This is NOT the offense I signed up for at the beginning of the season!  We’re supposed to have a Top 10 draft pick under center, we’re supposed to have the best receiving corps in the Pac-10, we’re supposed to be a tough running team … and we’re SUPPOSED to put up 30 points per game!

What have we done?  Looked like a middle school team last night.  Were handcuffed in the second half last week before tossing in a couple touches in overtime.  Looked bad against ASU, bad against Nebraska, bad against BYU, and hell, we started out like crap against Syracuse (which was supposed to be our one cupcake of the year).  The only complete game we played offensively was against an overrated USC team; and really we had no business being in that game in the first place with how they ran it on us.

As for the defense, what can you say?  I don’t think anyone really had much expectation for them.  They’re only as good as the offense will allow them to be.  There are going to be games where the other team scores at will.  These are the games where the offense needs to compensate.

That having been said:  yesterday was beyond pathetic.  Arizona punted twice, both late in the 2nd half.  They could’ve done anything they wanted, up to and including racking up 800 yards of offense.  Just … just awful.

It’s going to get real ugly here.  Arizona is just the beginning of what’s certainly going to be a 3-game losing streak to put our bowl game hopes in serious doubt.  Going to Oregon in 2 weeks is just out of the question.  Having Stanford at home … well, let’s put it this way:  if our percentage for loss at Oregon is 100%, our percentage for loss vs. Stanford is 98%.

Can we beat UCLA at home on a Thursday night showcase game?  Can we go into Cal to make our record 5-6?  Can we NOT be the team the Cougars finally surprise in the Pac-10?  My stomach hurts just imagining this string of events.

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