Understatement: This Year Isn’t Going As Planned For Jake Locker

This weekend was supposed to be a showdown of two NFL-ready superstars in the making:  Jake Locker vs. Andrew Luck.  Instead it was Part VIII of the Continuing Saga Of Jake Locker’s Falling Draft Status.

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  Let’s start with the bad:  Jake’s got a broken rib.  First injured against Oregon State, it’s now gotten to the point where action must be taken.  Which leads to the good news:  Jake doesn’t have to go into Eugene and face the #1 ranked Oregon Ducks this week.

Let’s face it, we all secretly hoped that they’d just give Jake the week off regardless.  I mean, we’re not exactly doing him many favors as it is.  Preventing the decapitation of Jake Locker at the hands of the almighty Ducks … it just makes good business sense!  Let him relax, unwind, get healthy.  Then, come November 18th, get him back in the lineup for the first of three must win games!  It’s really the only way to go.

Even still, it’s got to be disappointing for a guy we all admire like the dickens.  Not just this game, but this whole year.  14 TDs vs. 6 Ints.  A slight regression in completion percentage.  On pace for fewer yards than last year.  And leading a team looking to be 3-6 this time next week.  More than anyone else in major college football, Locker’s success is tied to his team’s success.  Pundits across the land deemed 8-4 a reasonable goal.  Get UW to 8-4 and you’ll keep Locker’s name in the Heisman hunt as well as keep his draft stock soaring.

Well, that stock is anything but soaring right now.  That Heisman dream has long since rotted in the ground of Brigham Young University.  And now we can’t even say that he’s played in all the games in his senior season.

At this point, I don’t know who I feel worse for:  Locker, or Keith Price.  I’ll say this – when he’s getting knocked on his ass this Saturday – this year isn’t going as planned for Keith Price either.

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