A Lot Of People Are Upset With The Seahawks Right Now

Boy, the media couldn’t WAIT to pounce after this game.  SEE, all you people who are calling for a change at quarterback?  SEE what’s waiting in the wings once Hasselbeck’s let go?

Yeah, well, sure.  That wasn’t a good game whatsoever out of Charlie Whitehurst.  I might add that it was his FIRST game and I might also add that one Mr. Matt Hasselbeck didn’t look so hot in his first games with the Seahawks either.  That would be “games” plural.  It takes time.  Some guys don’t come out of the college womb dropping dimes on receivers from 40 yards back.  I know I’m not going to make a snap judgment based on a guy’s first start.  That’s insane!  Stop it!  Calm down!

They’re also jumping all over the defense, specifically Marcus Trufant, for what was just a miserable all around performance.  Yeah, well, give up 41 points and that’s pretty justified.  But, before everyone jumps into the abyss, I’d like to point out the 2009 Seattle Seahawks.  See, because their problems are our problems now:

  • Injury at quarterback
  • Thin at offensive line
  • Injuries all over the defense

What does that amount to?  The same losing formula of one year ago:  offense can’t stay on the field and put up points (17:26 time of possession, 7 points), so the defense is overworked.  On top of that, 3/4ths of our starting defensive line are injured; and they just so happen to be the run-stopping 3/4ths.  Mebane, Cole, and Bryant.  Replaced by Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  Lo and behold!  197 yards rushing for the Giants and 0 sacks for the Seahawks!

At that point, it’s pick your poison time.  Try to stuff their run, or let them chew through you like so much soft and mushy mulch.

I’m sorry, but if you didn’t see this game coming, then you’re a Dan Fool.  The Giants, right now, are clearly a superior team to the Seahawks.  Of course, were we as healthy as we were a month ago, and still playing at home, then you could easily expect us to keep this thing competitive.  But, we’re not healthy, and they are, and they straight up smoked us.

That’s why I’m not mad.  There’s literally nothing we could have done.  Did the Seahawks come out flatter than we would’ve liked?  Probably.  But, let’s get serious, we might as well have been waving the white flag as soon as we decided it was in Hasselbeck’s long-term best interest to sit this one out.

At least we can say this:  when we want to, we can protect the quarterback like nobody’s business.  0 sacks for the Giants and only 1 quarterback hit.  Whitehurst sure had a soft landing to walk into.  Too bad that cost him a number of weapons that probably did contribute to hindering his performance.  After all, going 2 tight end and/or running back all game to Max Protect is going to leave you with less guys to throw to.  Something to chew on as we stew on this game all week.

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