Could I Reconcile My Desire For Another City’s NBA Team?

There are issues swirling in the media that make it – I wouldn’t say “likely” but certainly an outside possibility that Seattle could get an NBA franchise.

Now, the way that would make ME happiest, as well as every other Sonics fan still kicking (assuming, of course, that Oklahoma City won’t have a change of heart and decide to give us our fucking team back) is for the NBA to call for expansion and award us a team that’s so rightfully ours.  But THAT won’t be happening anytime soon because the NBA’s financial model is so eternally fucked that David Stern has been quoted as considering contraction.

For as much as I hate David Stern and for as much as I’m apathetic towards the NBA now, that notion still sickens me to my core.  Because the end result remains:  another city has to go through what we went through.  Only worse, because you gotta figure if the NBA contracts your city’s team, there is NO chance in bloody hell that you will EVER get another team.

At least when your team is stolen, you can still harken back to the good days when you were selling out your arena every night; at least you can say that Seattle always supported its team (when it was actually trying to win, mind you).

It’s that empathetic feeling, however, that has me giving pause in my everloving lust for a new franchise.  Because there won’t be expansion anytime soon, that means only one thing:  WE would be the ones stealing another city’s team.  How can I honestly sit here and wish that everything goes haywire down in Sacramento just so we can swoop in and haul the Kings up here?

At that point, I have to ask myself:  how would that make us any different than the fans in Oklahoma City who actively coveted our team?

Well, I could justify it by saying that we deserve a team more than they do.  They never had a team (unless you count a few games post-Katrina when the Hornets were caught without a home; of course, I don’t count those games because that would be like Portland playing a handful of home games in Seattle … it’s still not OUR team).  We did.  We’ve loved and lost.  Until they stole our team, they never loved at all.  Not the way we did.

To be honest, I don’t think I would be all that torn if the wheels were set in motion.  Steve Ballmer just sold a buttload of Microsoft stock to grab about $2 billion in cash.  Could he be our White Knight?  In one monumental gesture, Steve Ballmer would be the most beloved man in Seattle.  I would welcome the Kings in a heartbeat if he was able to wrangle them away from Sacramento; I can’t lie.

I also wouldn’t sit here – like many Oklahoma City fans did – and blame the fans of Sacramento for “not supporting the team”.  People in OKC ACTUALLY believe the fans of Seattle let the Sonics go.  If only they understood.

I’d feel for Sacramento, but in the end I’d be overwhelmed with excitement over having professional basketball back in my life.  Of course, in an ironic twist, Steve Ballmer would be the Clay Bennett in Sacramento’s lives.  With the main difference ultimately being:  Steve Ballmer wouldn’t be a lying scumbag who coddles them with hope out one side of his mouth while ultimately planning his escape by doing absolutely the least amount possible in trying to make good on his “word” to the fans he’s trying to destroy.

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