TCB: Dawgs Thrash Eagles

Got to take in a ballgame last night, thank you Fox Sports Net.

I gotta tell ya, I like these early season games!  Guys don’t play more than 25 minutes, a lot of energy, get to see the fresh blood scrap and claw for minutes, you never feel like you’re going to lose even though you come out incredibly flat in the first half.

Oh yeah, the Dawgs were flat.  The difference this year is, we can actually shoot our way out of it.  33 threes were attempted last night!  That’s insane!  We made 13 of ’em, which is ALMOST 40% I guess.  However, the people who count – the people who will be shooting them most of the year – were 10 for 21 (those people being:  Holiday, IT, Overton, Suggs, and Gaddy).

Make no mistake, Abdul Gaddy will be jacking more shots this year.  Considerably more (he only shot 20 threes all last year)!  And I’m not gonna lie to you, his shot looked good last night.  3 for 4 from long range, 5 for 6 overall.  13 points to go along with 6 assists, 0 turnovers, and a steal.  Nice smooth stroke, clean delivery.  And for a while at least, the other teams won’t expect him to shoot.  He should have an easy transition as they leave him open daring him to shoot.  It’s up to him to make ’em so we’re not constantly playing 4 on 5 whenever we’ve got the ball.  I think he’s going to surprise a lot of Husky fans this year.

You know who’s also going to be a force to be reckoned with?  MBA.  That guy is just STRONG, plain and simple.  Pretty much, I would expect him to own the paint this year.  Obviously he’s going to lead the team in rebounding – we don’t really have much in the way of big men regardless – but I think he’s going to average a double-double a la Jon Brockman.

But really, this game was never in any doubt.  The one compelling matchup I enjoyed was watching Wilcox and Ross vie for playing time.  Neither were particularly good last night (Wilcox 2 for 7 from behind the arc; Ross 1 for 5), but both have a real sweet stroke.  Basically, I believe Suggs is going to be one of the first guys off the bench after Overton, N’Diaye will be our reserve big man by default (he looked much shakier in his second outing than he did in the first; definitely a magnet for personal fouls), that makes 8.  I don’t see Romar going with a rotation more than 9 (and when it comes to crunch time as March nears, 8), so it’s going to come down to Wilcox and Ross for those remaining minutes.  Should be interesting.

Up next is the Maui Invitational.  First up:  Virginia, with their familiar head coach Tony Bennett.  God damn him and his slow-it-up style of play.  God damn him for being Romar’s kryptonite!  I want to beat these chickenfuckers so bad so we can play Kentucky and kick their shit in …

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