Getting Ready For 5-5

These Thursday college games, combined with my site taking a huge dump yesterday, left me without a preview of the Seahawks vs. the Saints.

Look, this one isn’t difficult.  Yes, we’re on the road, so that right there puts us behind the 8-ball.  We’re playing the Super Bowl champions and they’ve still got Drew Brees.  It appears Reggie Bush is coming back from an injury, so that’s another weapon against us.  They’ve lost three games this year:  to Atlanta in overtime, to a surprisingly good Cleveland team, and to the Cardinals which to this day doesn’t make any sense until you remember, “Oh yeah, the Saints turned it over about a thousand times in that game and Max Hall never really had to lift a finger.”

And don’t forget, they too get the pleasure of playing us after their Bye week.

Um … good things, good things.  I guess you can move the ball against them.  Except, no you really can’t because they’re the Number 1 team against the pass, giving up only 166 yards per game.  Here’s a little side note I’ll throw in for free:  good teams, winning teams, are generally worse against the pass due to the fact that they’re so often winning ballgames and other teams feel the need to throw a lot late in games.  So, that’s a bad sign.

You could look at their schedule and say that they haven’t really blown out a lot of teams.  I dunno.

I’m predicting a very bad game.  A sloppy game on our part with lots of turnovers.  You pick a point spread, however big you want, and I’ll still take the Saints!  This is going to be an excellent week to have Brees and Colston in my fantasy lineup.  Saints 38 Seahawks 11.

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