The Pac-10 is ALMOST the NFC West of College Football

I realize that’s retarded, that title right there, considering the Pac-10 has the Number 1 team in the nation AND the best 1-loss team in the nation; not even mentioning a very good 3-loss Arizona team.

Nevertheless, the Pac-10 ain’t deep.  Beyond that, you’ve got a sanctioned USC team that’s minutes away from losing to Oregon State tonight (the same Oregon State team who lost to Wazzu last week); so THEY’RE not going to a bowl game.

You’ve got Oregon State who’s going to be 5-5 after tonight, which you’d think would put them in a strong position to crack a bowl.  Gotta win 1 of 2.  Yeah, unfortunately for them, their next two are @ Stanford and vs. Oregon.  They really screwed the pooch when they lost to the Cougs.

There’s UCLA still in the mix at 4-6.  Yeah, THAT UCLA.  The one that got bounced by the Dawgs this week.  Their next two games are @ Arizona State and vs. USC.  I think it’d be particularly funny if they lose to ASU next week.

Why is that?  Because even though ASU is 4-6 and has two winnable games vs. UCLA and @ Arizona (rivalry games are tricky), they could be 6-6 and it wouldn’t matter because they started their season playing Portland State and Northern Arizona.  In other words, they thought they could get away with high school competition and still make a bowl … NOPE.  You’re out ASU!  Suck it!

The Cougs are the Cougs, and they Coug’d their season a long time ago.

What does that all mean for the Dawgs?  Well, we’re certainly not out of the woods at 4-6, but OF the 4-6 teams, we’ve got the best shot.  All we gotta do is beat Cal on the road (which would drop them to 5-7 and out of bowl contention) and WSU on the road.  So, we COULD end the season 6-6 and technically be the 4th best team in the Pac-10.

Uhh, yeah, that’s bad.  But I would SOOO take it!  Come on Dawgs!

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