The Seahawks Lose A Game They Had No Business Winning

It wasn’t the blowout I was expecting, but let’s face it, this game was never in doubt.

MAYBE, if the Seahawks played the perfect game.  MAYBE, if some breaks went their way.  MAYBE if they scored touchdowns instead of field goals.

Maybe if this game was played in Qwest Field in January …

There were some signs of life, though.  I’ll give us that.  Matt Hasselbeck threw for over 300 yards for the second week in a row (366 actually on 32 for 44).  Mike Williams continued to show that, when he’s not banged up, he’s one of the best big-man receivers in the league (6 catches, 109 yards); unfortunately, he’s having trouble staying on the field of late. 

In fact, I thought our receivers as a whole played very well.  Ben Obomanu had 5 catches for 87 yards, including a nifty jump ball for 42 yards.  The more I see him play, the more I’m really glad we kept him.  Brandon Stokley also showed he’s got some life left in his slot receiver legs.

This game basically came down to Drew Brees, though.  382 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 11 of 15 third down conversions.  When you can’t sack Drew Brees, when you only hit him one time, when you give him all day to throw, that’s what’s going to happen.  Oh, and by the way, that one hit?  Yeah, a 15 yard penalty for helmet-to-helmet contact even though it was more like chest-to-chest contact, but whatever, he’s the White Michael Jordan of football so I guess you can’t touch him.

If I wanted to get off my starfucker horse, I could also lay blame to some VERY bad tackling.  I lost count on how many tackles Chris Ivory broke, but I’d like to point out:  CHRIS IVORY!  Who is this guy and why is he breaking our tackles?  We looked like the 2009 Seahawks out there yesterday, and that’s about as bad as it gets when it comes to tackling.

I’d also like to point out that I still am in favor of Marshawn Lynch and I hope we’re able to shore up the O-Line a bit in the off-season so we can clear some holes for him next year.  That having been said, yesterday was a consummate example of why a team like Buffalo felt fine about getting rid of a running back in his prime.  2 fumbles (though one of those probably should’ve been blown dead since his progress had been stopped) and 2 costly drops on swing passes that would’ve extended drives.

My beef with the running game lies in the packages.  Why is Lynch out there when there are passes to be thrown?  Why is Forsett out there in a goalline situation where we’ve got to gut out a yard?  It would seem to me, a football novice compared to Pete Carroll, that those roles need to be reversed.  Call me crazy!

Anyway, we’ve played 10 games, we’re 5-5, we’re 1 game ahead of the Rams, and 4 of our next 6 are at home.  If we can win the next 3 (vs. KC, vs. Car, @ SF) that puts us at 8 wins and all but guarantees us the division.  If not?  Then hey, we play the Rams at home in Week 17.  Maybe the NFC West winner will have a winning record after all.

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