The Maui Invitational: Suck It Tony Bennett

Before this 106-point whoopin’ the Dawgs laid at his feet last night, did you know that the previous high a Tony Bennett-led team had given up was somewhere in the mid-80s?  WE OWN YOU, BENNETT!

Can I just say that MY GOD do we look good this year!  This game should’ve been a knock-down, drag-out and instead it had the feel of another McNeese State game.  12 guys played, no Husky played more than 26 minutes, we took a 24-point lead into halftime …

And did you ask for shooters after watching last year’s team?  Last year’s team where we all thought Elston Turner would be our Tre Simmons.  Last year’s team where we watched IT work through the growing pains of his outside shot.  Last year’s team where the zone defense flustered us MUCH more than it should have.

Yeah, I think I saw Virginia try out their zone for about two possessions before going back to man.  Nothing was working for them.  Which is what happens when the Huskies make 17 of 26 3-point shots.  I mean last night was unreal!  IT was 3 for 5, Holiday was 2 for 2, Suggs was 2 for 3.  The real stars were C.J. Wilcox and Terrence Ross who went 4 for 6 and 4 for 5 respectively.  Wilcox specifically impressed; he looks like he can jack ’em up from any spot on the floor, falling away, one handed, with his eyes closed.  He’s just got sick touch.  If I had to pick one of the two to get the nod in regards to minutes, it would be C.J., but the competition is fierce.  You can certainly see why Ross comes so highly touted; he might be the next Brandon Roy.  But, for now, Wilcox has got it goin’ on and I hope we see a lot more of him.

Running through a couple more, I thought Gaddy looked solid again.  6 for 9 shooting, 12 points, 6 assists, only 1 turnover.  He was really driving the ball hard yesterday, though he’s still on occasion passing up the open shot he needs to drain.  It’s early in the season though, that’ll come around with more confidence due to good games like these.

Also, Aziz N’Diaye was just on the warpath last night!  8 points (he’s got a nifty little hook shot he can take up with either arm), 3 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks in 16 minutes.  I know those stats don’t look like anything special, but his presence in the paint is what makes him special.  He’s severely altering shots down there, and it’s good to know that when MBA is having an off night, or getting into early foul trouble, we’ve got a capable big man to insert into the game and not really miss a step.

Today, we play Kentucky.  6:30pm.  Basketball fans won’t want to miss this contest; we could be seeing these teams play again in the Final Four later in the season.

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