One Win Away From The Holiday Bowl

If everything goes as expected, Oregon will win the Civil War and play for the BCS National Championship, Stanford will be considered a Top 5 BCS team and thus will be guaranteed an invite to a BCS Bowl, and Arizona by contractual obligation will play in the Alamo Bowl.  Which means, shock of all shocks, if the Washington Huskies beat the fucking Cougars, we’ll be bound for San Diego and the 3rd best bowl the Pac-10 has to offer with a 6-6 record.

And we’ll be the 4th and final bowl-eligible team.  How about them apples?

All of this was made possible thanks to the Cal Bears.  In one of the most exciting games of all time (that also involved a total score of under 30 points, as well as a combined 15 punts and 4 turnovers), the Dawgs proved their grit in a “hostile” environment (read:  their stadium was half full even though this was the final game of the season for Cal, not to mention for that stadium before it would be renovated).

The first half probably should have ended in a 0-0 tie, though to be honest I heard a whistle blow with 1 second remaining.  I think the best thing that could’ve happened to the Dawgs (aside from a blocked kick returned for a touchdown) was for Cal to make that kick.  I’m sure Sark got the kids fired up for the “injustice” of being down 3 even though their kicker had to hit a career long field goal to make it so.

That got the defense sufficiently riled up for a second half that saw Cal only get one more field goal on offense.  The Huskies, meanwhile, dropped an atomic bomb early in the 3rd quarter with Jake’s heave to D’Andre Goodwin.  Goodwin turned a jump ball into a tipped ball which he caught and spun and ran with for the uncontested touchdown.  In one fell swoop, 80 yards and all the momentum in the world.

Which was subsequently given right on the next Husky drive thanks to Jake’s fumble which was returned for a TD.  Still, you had to feel that this thing was well in hand.  Eventually, the Dawgs would figure out this defense with their stout line and handsy corners.

Of course, it took until the final drive, down 13-10, before the Dawgs got it going.  At that point we finally had to abandon the conservative play and start letting loose.  Locker was a man possessed on that drive, finally putting the ball in his own hands for the big runs.  We churned through the final 4 and a half minutes over 10 plays and 79 yards.  It all came down to a 3rd down quarterback sneak from the 1 yard line (the second in a row) that went nowhere.

At this point, I was SURE we’d kick the field goal and go for overtime.  But, you gotta remember the age-old adage:  at home, play for the tie; on the road, play for the win.  Sure enough, Sark sent the offense back out there for the final 2 seconds of the ballgame; I was thinking, “Please, no more sneaks.  Give it to Polk or bootleg that shit or something!”

Handoff, Polk, TOUCHDOWN!  We don’t need no stinkin’ extra points; we’re too busy cheering in the endzone!

One more game.  One more win to make the season worthwhile.

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