The Mike Williams Effect

I’m not gonna prattle on and on today, the Seahawks got whupped.  By two guys essentially, the best two guys the Chiefs have to offer.  Normally, you’d think a team preparing to play another team would game-plan against their two best players.  You know, maybe double-team Dwayne Bowe, or at the very least put your best cover corner on him at all times.  Or, hell, since we’re dealing with the best running team in America, why not a few more men in the box?

And yes, I realize their quarterback also had a good game, and that they came out throwing on their first drive, making our defense look rediculous in the process.  That doesn’t mean you still don’t double-team their best receiver and stick a few extra guys up in there against their best rusher.

I’d like to talk about the Seahawks offense though, if I could.  Obviously, no one expects you to have to out-score a team who’s dropping 42 on you and could have easily surpassed 50 if they so desired.  Nevertheless, this offense looks dramatically different with Mike Williams out of the lineup.  In fact, if you look at their most lopsided losses, you’ll see a pattern (1 catch for 7 yards @ Den; 1 catch for 27 yards @ Oak; 2 catches for 25 yards vs. NYG; 0 catches vs. KC) we can’t move the ball without production from the big man.

In well under one full season, Mike Williams has become a Go-To receiver.  He’s clutch on 3rd down, he’s a playmaker in space, and he’s tall enough to go up and get pretty much anything Hasselbeck has to throw.  He makes our quarterback better as well as the other receivers on the team.  Without him, you get what we had yesterday:  Hasselbeck forcing the ball to sub-par receivers and getting burned.

Here’s to hoping this random foot injury resolves itself soon, because I don’t like the looks of this team without Mike Williams.

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