My Lack Of Joy In This & Every Other NFL Season

This dates back to the Super Bowl season and likely beyond.  I’m talking about key injuries of key players at key positions.

Take that season, for instance.  You look at a team that went 13-3 and just steamrolled through the NFC.  A rushing game that was tops in the league, a quarterback putting it all together, a Hall of Fame head coach, talent both young and old infused throughout.  Then what happened?  We get to the playoffs and practically everyone in our secondary went down.  We were hiring guys off the street to come in, in the biggest game of their lives, and cover solid NFL wide receivers.  What happens?  A tailspin that has yet to subside with this team.

Every year, shit in some form hits the fan.

We’ve lost Hasselbeck for stretches in 2008 and 2009.  We had that one year where every God damned wide receiver who stepped onto the field went down.  Or that year where we lost Marcus Tubbs and our rush defense went from passable to putrid.  Or last year where we churned through about 90 offensive linemen.  Or, fuck, take your pick!  Lofa, Kerney, Hill, Trufant … I could fill an entire roster with players who’ve missed significant time over the last five years and ostensibly take that team to a Super Bowl if I had any confidence whatsoever that they’d stay healthy!

What is it this year?  Same ol’ shit.  Losing Red Bryant, Colin Cole and Brandon Mebane has taken a once stout rush defense and made it Swiss cheese.  That, in turn, makes the rest of our defense weaker (because we can’t force offenses into being one-dimensional), and you get what we had here last week with Kansas City.

Let’s see, what else?  Well, Mike Williams I’ve already gone into.  He’s certainly our most talented offensive threat.  But, beyond that, our offense isn’t struggling because of one Mike Williams foot injury.  How about losing up-and-coming Max Unger?  How about losing everyone we’ve ever tried to put at Left Guard?  How about every time I look up (in between fits of tear-filled rage) I see Russell Okung limping off the field; he’s got to either have the worst luck or weakest ankles I’ve ever seen!

There’s no joy in watching scrubs and backups play the game of football.  I don’t particularly enjoy watching Craig Terrill try to plug a rushing lane even though he’s skinnier than most tight ends.  I’m tired of watching Marshawn Lynch struggle for a no-gain because our inept offensive line can’t generate any cohesion.  I’m getting ulcers over here worrying about the next hit that knocks Hasselbeck out of the ballgame (and probably out of our lives forever the way things are going).

I could tolerate a .500 team if I knew we’d be competitive more often than not.  I’d rather have bad luck on the football field cost us ballgames instead of bad luck with the injury bug.  It’s a God damned broken record and you can’t get it off the turntable!  It’s fucking super glued on there and I can’t wake up from this motherfucking nightmare!

Yeah, sure, this version of the 2010 Seahawks can make the playoffs, but what’s the point?  If we can’t even be competitive at home against the fucking Chiefs, then why should we be excited about facing a 12-4 team out of the NFC South who’s just going to come in here and roll us like a cheap cigar?

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