Huskies Move Past Maui

When the dust settled, the Huskies fell to 22 in the college basketball nation.  At this point, it’s simply down to taking care of business the rest of the month.  Number 1:  beat the teams you HAVE to beat.  Number 2:  figure out a way to go to Texas A&M on the 11th and come back home with a victory, because that’ll be the last chance we can beef up our RPI before the conference season starts.

That started with a whuppin’ last night against Long Beach State.  In customary fashion, the Dawgs had 7 guys in double-figures in points.  Of particular note (aside from IT’s 3 for 6 in free throws), are C.J. Wilcox and Abdul Gaddy.  Wilcox led all scorers last night with 20 points in 23 minutes, including 6 of 8 behind the arc.  Who’s Your Gaddy ended with 17 points in 21 minutes, made all 3 of his threes, and hit 7 of 9 overall.

Granted, it’s too early to be talking about the future of Husky Basketball.  Fortunately, with regard to these two guys, the future is now.  They’re producing!  And they’ll be here (hopefully) for a couple more years after this.  Gaddy has hit 8 of 15 three point shots so far this year and is averaging 11 points per game.  Wilcox is only averaging 9 points per game (mostly due to lack of minutes), but he’s hit 11 of 21 three pointers.  When he’s gotten the minutes, Wilcox has come through, so let’s hope that continues.

Of course, for that TO continue, it’s gonna mean someone gets left out.  Last night, that meant Scott Suggs, who’s tending to a knee injury and will miss some time.  If this is officially the door being left ajar, then it’s now up to Wilcox to show what he can do.  Yes, that’s going to mean hitting your shots, but you can’t do that in spite of defense and rebounding.  Romar will only feel confident in playing a guy like Wilcox if he knows he’s not going to promptly give up the points he just got due to lackadaisical D.

So we’ll see.  Interesting note:  N’Diaye got the start last night over MBA (though he was on the floor about half the time).  Is this a Sending A Message thing?  Probably, but I think it just makes good sense.  Let’s face it, with MBA, we are NEVER going to win an opening tip.  Why not put the 7-footer in there, win us an early-game possession, and go from there?  Just throwin’ it out there.

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