The Seahawks Have A Great Third Quarter

That game was so bad in the first half, I couldn’t even watch it.  Down 14-0 to the woeful Carolina Panthers was going to be the final nail for a frustrating season in which we COULD have won the NFC West, but instead frittered it away on injuries and inconsistent play.  The fact that we had to settle for a field goal before halftime was the icing on the shit cake.

And it wasn’t like they got a couple of flukey return touchdowns.  They moved the ball!  They ran it like they were the Panthers of last year, only their quarterback wasn’t awful like the Panthers of last year.

Then, shit man, something happened.  Cameron Morrah snatched a 36 yard pass down the seam (showing that maybe he, and not John Carlson, is the best pass-catching tight end on this team), the running game came alive a little bit, Brandon Stokley was Brandon Stokley, the defense slammed the door shut, and the Seattle Seahawks took a 24-14 lead into the fourth quarter.  A Lofa Tatupu interception for a TD was sandwiched between two 1-yard Lynch blasts through the goalline, and just like that all momentum had swung.

This one could have been devastating.  Not just because the Rams won to keep pace at 6-6, but because you HAVE to beat the crap teams.  And Carolina is a crap team.  Losing to them would’ve meant that WE are a crap team too; maybe not as bad as Arizona, but still pretty damn bad.  We may be among the worst 10-15 teams in the NFL, but at least we’re not among the worst 5.

Next up:  in San Francisco.  They’re bottom-feeders too.  This is a game we should win, but certainly won’t if we play like we did in the first half of this weekend’s game.

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