A Chance To Help Our Cause: The ‘Frisco Edition

The Seahawks are 2 games up and the 49ers suck dick.  Open and shut case, right?

Then why do I get the feeling that this is where it all goes horribly wrong?

This just has the feel of a week where we not only lay a big steaming turd, but the Rams also find a way to go into New Orleans and shock the world.  Call me crazy!  I could easily see the Rams pulling away to the point where that Week 17 game in Seattle is meaningless (which would be fitting, since I plan on GOING to that game, my only game of the year).

What are we looking at?  Why am I so nervous when a week earlier I was so sure about what’s essentially the same crappy team (just playing their home games on opposite coasts)?  I mean, Frank Gore is out for the year.  Mike Singletary’s head is taking permanent residence up his own ass.  Alex Smith is back because having a winning record isn’t enough for Troy Smith to keep his job apparently.  So, what up?

Look, if I could quantify it, I would.  We’re likely without Mike Williams, so that sucks.  We could also be short Obomanu, which equally sucks.  Colin Cole is practicing this week, but who knows if he’ll play/be effective?

And, unless I’m mistaken, Patrick Willis still plays on the other team’s defense.  Yes, THAT Patrick Willis.  The one who killed Hasselbeck’s season last year.  The one who’s a thorn in our running game as well as our ability to throw to tight ends.

Look, I’m not gonna lie to you, this is a must-win!  That pressure is hanging over everything about this team.  The players can look ahead in the schedule just like I can.  Next week:  vs. Atlanta (a.k.a. the best team in the NFC).  The week after:  @ Tampa (a.k.a. a 10am game on the east coast).  If we lose this week, we’re pretty much a shoo-in to be 6-9 heading into that Rams game.

On the flipside, even if the Rams lose this week (which, seriously, I’m not putting past them winning it), they host the Chiefs and 49ers, which are two winnable games for them.  That would mean they’d be 8-7 and playing for nothing in Week 17.  Something to think about as the Seahawks drag ass in the Bay Area this Sunday.

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