We’ve Got Ourselves A Left-Handed DH

Welcome Jack Cust!

You’ve been playing pretty regularly for Oakland the last 4 years, striking out the most in the AL, walking the most in the AL, and averaging 20-something homers.  Not bad, not bad.

How sad is it that a guy who was non-tendered by the Oakland A’s of all teams, a guy who’s going to make $2.5 mil with us in 2011 on a 1-year deal, is instantly our second-best hitter; in SPITE of the millions upon millions of strikeouts he racks up.  Yeah, the walks are going to help soothe my savage heart, but I imagine some of those strikeouts are going to happen at inopportune times.  For his sake, I hope he pops an early-season game-winning dinger or two.  You know, to get the fans on his side.

I have nothing against this deal.  We have no money to spend, he costs no money, and 2011 is a lost cause anyway because we can’t just take Milton Bradley’s money back from him (or Chone Figgins’ money for that matter).  Teams can win with guys like Jack Cust.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Mariners will have a team FULL of Jack Custs – chronic underachievers – the way this offseason is shaping up.

P.S.  Don’t look now, but they’re talking about Miguel Olivo at catcher again … God help us.

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