Cliff Lee Is Still Not A Yankee

And, shock of shocks, he’s also not a Ranger!

Are you smiling because I'm smiling?

For the record, first we flirted with Brian Cashman and their big dog AAA hitter Jesus Montero, only to turn around at the last second and nab Justin Smoak from the Rangers.  That was fun.  A nice little Fuck You to the bastards of the AL East.

But, that was all it was supposed to be.  Cliff Lee was EVENTUALLY going to be a Yankee.  He’s best buds with C.C. Sabathia, he was their Number 1 target going into the offseason (shamelessly so, as it’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongues since LAST offseason), and they have the most money to spend.  Of COURSE they’re going to get Cliff Lee.  The Yankees always contend and aside from the financial aspect, winning is the primary objective of one Cliff Lee.

And then they didn’t.  Again.

On TOP of all of that, we took the Rangers’ best prospect for a half-season rental … and THEY didn’t get him either!  And they DIDN’T win the World Series!

This is the Second-Best Possible Scenario right behind the Mariners increasing payroll and getting Cliff Lee themselves.  No, I’m not the biggest Philly fan, but I don’t necessarily hate them.  I’ve always liked Halladay, I’ve always been fond of Oswalt, Raul Ibanez is fun, Ryan Howard is cool to admire from afar.  They have players I certainly enjoy watching play the game of baseball; the only reason I might not love them is because they’re starting to become the Yankees of the NL.  You just get tired of watching winners win all the time (which is what made San Francisco’s run so much fun).

Bottom line:  Cliff Lee is happy, he’s on a great team, he’s not a divisional rival anymore so I don’t have to root against him, and he’s not a Yankee.  Fuck the Yankees, fuck the Rangers, the Angels can suck my dick, and I hate the fuckin’ A’s.

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