Who Is Worse Than The Seahawks This Year?

Remember when Seattle was 4-2, coming off a big win in Chicago and an even bigger win vs. Arizona?  Then, we went to Oakland, lost Red Bryant, lost the game by 30, and it all came tumbling down.  We’ve gone 2-5 since – beating two of the worst teams in football – and now sit as the 19th best team record-wise (tied with St. Louis and Oakland, but they both have tiebreakers on us).

At 4-2, I would’ve had the Seahawks in the top half of the league.  Not high – probably around 14 or 15 – but in the top half nonetheless.  Our run defense was one of the best in the game, making the rest of our defense better than it actually was; our young receivers were making an impact; we traded for Marshawn Lynch; and we had the best quarterback in the NFC West.

Now?  We may have the 19th best record, but we’re nowhere near the 19th best team.

Let’s agree on one thing before I get to the point:  the 18 teams above us in record ARE better than us.  Play the Bears now and watch them stomp all over us.

So, we’re no better than 19.  I’d argue right now that Houston, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Dallas are all better than the Seahawks.  All have more weapons, all are sick on offense (Houston with Johnson & Foster; Cleveland with Hillis; San Fran with Davis and Westbrook; Dallas with Austin, Witten, Williams, and Jones) and all could obviously handle us with their defense.  I’d even go so far as to say Minny is better than us, with or without Favre.  I could see the Redskins and Titans beating us, even with their geriatrics under center; and I wouldn’t put it past Buffalo or Detroit to ravage us on a good day.

It’s easier to point out the teams worse than us.  The Cardinals and Panthers.  Cincinnati is pretty terrible, and Denver just fell off the face of the planet!  Why couldn’t we have played THEM last week instead of in week 2?

Other than those four teams, who’s worse?  Who is fundamentally worse than the Seahawks?  Our wins have come against Arizona, Arizona, Carolina, San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago.  In other words, against 1 team with a winning record (who has had one of the easiest schedules thus far) and the Chargers (who TECHNICALLY have a winning record, but that’s because they’ve played an odd number of games; they’re nothing special).

In the losses?

By 17 to Denver,
by 17 to St. Louis,
by 30 to Oakland,
by 34 to New York,
by 15 to New Orleans,
by 18 to Kansas City,
by 19 to San Francisco.

Bank on double-digit losses to Atlanta and Tampa the next two weeks.  6-10 is still on the table.  It’s an unconventional way to get to 6-10, but that’s the way it goes.

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