How Embarrassing Would A 7-9 Divisional Championship Be?

It’s pretty safe to say that the Seahawks will likely lose vs. Atlanta this week and @ Tampa next week.  As we all know, that would put us at 6-9 and hosting the Rams.

The 49ers seem to be a lock to lose tomorrow night @ San Diego and I think more than half of us would say they’ll lose to the Rams the following week (the 49ers, as it stands at 5-8, hold all the tie-breakers over the division should they end up tied with the Rams and Seahawks at season’s end).

That means, for the final game between the Rams and Seahawks to be worth anything, they’ll need the 49ers to have 10 losses; and the Seahawks will need the Rams to lose this week to Kansas City.  I don’t think anyone has ever been as big a Matt Cassel fan as we are this week.

But, should we be?

How much pride are you taking away from a Seahawks title at 7-9?  Whoever wins this thing with a losing record – taking away a playoff spot from a team with a winning record – is going to face SUCH a shitstorm of bad press.  Everyone questioning the validity of our entry, to the validity of the divisional system as a whole; this could bring the whole fucking system down!

But, taking all that away, ignoring all the haters and sticking local here for a minute:  this isn’t a season we’re going to look back on fondly.  We will have been blown out by double-digits in more games than we’d have won; we will lose in the first round and lose significantly; and yet, a banner will be unleashed memorializing a losing season where we just so happened to be the best of the worst.

We’d be that sucky fantasy team that somehow advances week in and week out because they’re fortunate enough to catch teams on their worst weeks.  And what I mean by that is:  we’d be despised by the rest of the league.

7-9.  What a farce.  Is there any way possible we win at least ONE of these next two games?

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