As Usual, The Huskies Are Winless Away From Hec-Ed

I was putting this one off partly because I didn’t see the game last Saturday, partly because it sickens me.

In our final chance to show the Basketball Overlords that we can win a big game, the Dawgs came up a point short against Texas A&M.  It should go without saying that, when push came to shove, we didn’t have anyone to make the Big Shot for us.  It should also probably go without saying that we got beat on the boards and missed badly from behind the arc.

There’s nothing more breathtaking than a team that’s good at shooting 3-pointers.  It’s amazing.  No matter how far down you are – 20 points with 10 minutes left – all you have to do is throw 5 shooters at the other team and there’s a CHANCE you can make a miraculous comeback.  Good shooting teams can shoot their way into and out of any bad situation.

That having been said, there’s nothing more aggravating than a team who Lives & Dies By The 3.  The Huskies last week shot the ball 53 times, 22 of those were for 3.  Of those 22 threes, we made 6.  Take that out of our game and we shot in the mid-40s percentage-wise, inside the arc.

Now, I can’t tell you about the ebb and flow of the game because I didn’t watch it.  I can only go off of what the box score tells me.  You know what it’s saying?  IT – 1 for 4; Gant – 1 for 3; Ross – 0 for 2; Holiday, Gaddy, Suggs – 0 for 1 each … MBA:  0 for 1.  Look, I get it, we’re a shooting team now, but WHY is Matthew Bryan-Amaning jacking a 3?  Something tells me that HAS to be a typo, but it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t.

I really don’t know what to make of this team.  The last two years, I’ve been seduced into believing this team is better than it really is.  We come into the pre-season as a ranked Pac-10 team, we leave the pre-season unranked with all these questions swirling.  Were they too busy reading their own clippings that they decided they didn’t need to rebound or take quality shots?  Are we going to start the conference season with a rash of ugly losses, only to claw our way back to respectability in February?  Will we be so far gone that the only chance we make the Tourney is to win the Pac-10 Tournament?

Let’s face it, no more than three teams from the Pac-1o will be participating in March Madness.  Likely, it’ll only be two teams, and there’s an outside chance it’s just one.  We’ve gone from a Power Conference to a joke.  Here’s to hoping the Dawgs figure out a way to run through the Pac-10 with a dominating record.  Otherwise … yeesh.  NIT here we come?

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