The Seahawks Will Get Killed By Atlanta

As well they should, because I have Matt Ryan on my fantasy team and I’m going to need an ass-load of points from him to counterbalance Philip Rivers’ dominating performance last night.

Look, they’re just better than us.  Fundamentally, up and down the line up, they are plain better.  They have a quarterback who makes good decisions (i.e. doesn’t turn the ball over a shit-ton), they have a running back who’s probably in the Top 5 in the league, they have a wide receiver who catches everything, and they have a tight end with a pulse.


What we do have is a wing and a prayer thanks to the Chargers taking out San Fran last night.  The 49ers fall to 5-9, which does nothing but help our cause.  We can also hope beyond hope that Matt Cassel plays this week and plays well.  That happens, and it doesn’t even matter if when we get killed by the Falcons on Sunday.

Make the line whatever you want.  I’ll give you the Seahawks and 24.5 points and I’ll STILL win that bet!  Can I tempt you with a little Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu practicing this week?  Because I’M NOT FALLING FOR IT!  Atlanta is too damn good and the Seahawks start off games too damn bad.

Here’s a prediction for you!  The Falcons score 17 points on their first three drives.  Mark that one down in granite.  The boo-birds will be flowing like wine; I’m glad I’m not going to that game like I’d originally planned.

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