The Huskies Beat Another Crap Team

Another wrinkle to the starting lineup as we Went Big with MBA and N’Diaye both starting.  That’s something that was always threatened in the off-season as a possibility, but I don’t think Romar ever wanted to go so far as to not just play them both at the same time, but start them and give both significant minutes.

And, I guess you could say it worked, but again we played the Dons.  What kind of a team name is the Dons, by the way?  Like, are they supposed to be Mafia Dons?  Or just some guy who’s named Don?  Anyway, we out-boarded them, and N’Diaye had 4 blocks, so that’s pretty cool.

Other than that, things were still pretty messy.  The team shot 6 for 26 from behind the arc.  Nobody seems to know WHAT to make of the bench, which has Overton as your 6th man, three swingman guards who all have the same exact type of game (Wilcox, Ross, Suggs) and a forward (Gant) who can’t get a rebound and plays the entire game facing the basket.

I don’t know what Romar is going to do, but he can’t play 10 guys every game.  Someone will have to be squeezed out.  But, from night to night, none of our swingmen distinguish themselves.  One night, Wilcox is dropping daggers, the next night Ross looks like he’s the second-coming of Brandon Roy, then last night you have Suggs making 6 of 7 shots (3 of 3 from 3) to lead the team with 15 points in 15 minutes.  Is Romar just going to go by trial and error, seeing who has the hot hand and going with him from night to night?  Is this the end of Gant – who was non-existent for most of last year until Tourney-time?  Let’s face it, we don’t have much of a need for a forward who can’t rebound.  Especially off the bench where – if N’Diaye forces the issue to remain a starter – we have no one who can bang.

I dunno.  One more game and then we go to USC on the 29th.  We’re 7-0 against the crap teams.

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