The Seahawks Lose & Everybody Yawns

After two drives (a 3 & Out and a Touchdown), the Seahawks had gained 62 yards and had a 7-0 lead.

The rest of the game, the Seahawks had 112 yards and were subsequently outscored 38-8.  Charlie Whitehurst, everybody!

I don’t know who to blame more.  To be quite honest, I was pleasantly surprised to see Hasselbeck pull up lame with an injury at the end of his touchdown run.  I figured, “Hey, this can’t be that bad!  They’re probably pulling a fast one over on us to make it look like Matt’s injured, when in reality they’re just trying to protect him until next week because this game is meaningless.”  Even reports after the game were suspect, with people calling it a hip injury you never see.  That having been said, the fact that he’s also not going to practice is pretty depressing.

Why is it that every time Matt Hasselbeck tries to advance past the line of scrimmage he gets weirdly, devastatingly injured?  I’ve always kind of defended Hasselbeck to friends who say he’s soft, or that he’s just an injury waiting to happen … but doesn’t this just kind of take the cake?  Nagging injury that’s been with him all year or not, the play that might end his season is a 1-yard touchdown run where he wasn’t touched and didn’t have to dive or otherwise violently throw his body toward the goalline.

Of course, things didn’t get much better for the team after that.  Charlie Whitehurst came away with a quarterback rating of close to 70, which might lead you to believe he wasn’t completely horrid.  Then you take a look at the rest of the line (11 for 18, 66 yards, 3.67 yards per attempt, 6 yards per completion) and you quickly see the only reason his QB rating wasn’t -12 is because he didn’t chuck a bunch of interceptions around.

BUT, that having been said, was he ineffective because he sucks, or because they were dumbing down the playbook for him?  I don’t know if I ever saw him throw a ball that wasn’t toward the sideline, along the line of scrimmage (the fact that a number of those balls weren’t anywhere near a receiver doesn’t really help his cause).  MAYBE, if we actually took a shot – oh, I don’t know – more than 8 yards downfield, they wouldn’t have put 22 guys in the box to defend our run and short passing game!

And we DID run the ball!  The team ran for 38 of our 90 yards on the ground when Hasselbeck was in the game.  We just had no hope once Charlie was given the keys to this clunker.  The high point of my esteem for Charlie Whitehurst was when I bet someone a dollar that he could convert a 2-point conversion after a meaningless touchdown in the 4th quarter and he did it.  It’s all downhill from here, Football Jesus.  When your total worth to me is four quarters and some fantasy help (my championship opponent had Mike Williams on his team; who only caught 2 balls for 15 yards, both from Hasselbeck), you are not a very good quarterback.

However, this was a team effort.  Charlie Whitehurst didn’t give up 38 points.  Granted, he didn’t contribute to keeping the other team’s offense off the field, but he wasn’t out there missing tackles (Lawyer Milloy).  He wasn’t out there playing the softest coverage known to man, letting guys have 15 yards of cushion off the line of scrimmage (Marcus Trufant).  He wasn’t out there being a 3’5 midget (Kelly Jennings).

The Seahawks lost by 23.  Another double-digit defeat.  And all I got was this lousy chance to play for the NFC West championship next Sunday night (I hope we get to raise a banner for a 7-9 team)

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